As a kid, one of my favourite cartoon shows was the Disney mashup/variety series House of Mouse. Sort of like the fighting video game series Super Smash Bros. but with Disney instead of Nintendo characters, the show featured Mickey Mouse and friends as the caterers of a huge entertainment hall where other household Disney names such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh and Snow White from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs come to get their nightly fix of variety-show fun and games. Though my memories of it are fuzzy (save for that one Christmas special I have on video), the whole concept of the show has left a lasting legacy on my imagination, directly inspiring the likes of similarly-themed variety shows-with-a-show such as House of BritainHouse of AmericaHouse of Canada and the above-mentioned House of Month.

What is House of Month? Well, it’s basically like House of Mouse except set within the universe of The Months rather than the Disney multiverse. August takes the place of Mickey as the host of the show (why her and not January as he’s the first, I don’t really know) while all the other months are put into some sort of catering role, like April or May as the receptionist and September as the waiter to bring the guests’ food and drinks. (November and December are like the resident comedy duo.)

As such, here are all the months as they appear in House of Month. Or more precisely, House of Month: Rocking in the Fun. This was basically an idea for a computer game I once had inspired by the Disney ‘Activity Centre’ compilations I used to own as a child – a collection of mini-games set within the House of Month environs, so this artwork is really promotion for the game-of-games.

At first glance, the months do not seem to look any different from their normal appearances in the main series, although June and July still keep the trousers and shorts from this incarnation of The Months. One month who does look different is August, as she is the host of the House of Month show and so needs to look her best. So she’s swapped out her colourful rainbow shirt for a smart black suit, although she still has her bright-green cap on. Maybe so the other months can still recognize her even in a different outfit from her usual?

As for Rocking in the Fun, I made a lot of sketches and wrote up mock game manuals for each screen and mini-game in the game. Unfortunately I lost a lot of the sketches except for the December’s Fun Zone startup screen, but I still have the manuals safely stored as a backup from my old computer. Every now and then I like to revisit the manuals and laugh at some of the silly ideas I had for the games (like a horn and alarm as enemies in a platformer?), but also to gain some more ideas for the other Rocking in the Fun games I’ve thought up for the other House of… series I’ve since created.