Yes, I just couldn’t get enough of drawing them… 🙂

Even though by this point the Months pretty much had fixed designs (with occasional minor tweaks, as in the case of June and July), I still found a sort of therapeutic pleasure in redrawing them over again every so often. (This still applies to me now – I always find myself drawing the provinces from the IAmMatthewian Project/Project Canada over and over!)

So as you probably deduced from the title, this is my third time drawing all the Months during 2007. I was always collecting new pens and colouring pencils (and still am) so I could find out what my drawings would look like in different styles and calligraphies. For some reason, instead of the usual black felt-tip I usually used to draw at this point, my hand randomly picked up a turquoise pen, and I just started drawing the Months with it.

Being drawn in turquoise, it makes the Months look like they’re glowing on the page, like specially-shaped neon signs. (Actually, that sounds like a cool idea…) This might be so people’s eyes were directed straight to them instead of the logos at the very top (which still uses the Adventure People subtitle, even though the Months had their own series by then).

The Months’ names are written out in different colours. At first you might think that these were chosen because of each month’s birthstone, but they’re actually not – I based each colour on a part of the specific character, or just because I picked up a random pen and thought their name would look good in it. For reference, here’s a chart of the monthly birthstones:


You might have noticed that February’s name has faded quite a lot. Of course, being drawn in 2007 (which as of this year, 2016, was nine years ago) the pens haven’t stood the tests of time too well, so the sun has almost washed them out of the page. That’s why I now use pencils and coloured pencils to draw and colour – they can be rubbed out if I make a mistake, they’re waterproof (another problem I had with pens) and they don’t fade with time or bright sunlight. They do have to be sharpened every now and then however, as they can get blunt, but in my opinion pencils have a huge advantage over pens and they make my drawings much more realistic-looking. (Now I only use pens for writing.)

Wow, I didn’t expect this to turn into a mini-opinion column on pens vs. pencils… 😮