I’ve always loved to create shows-within-a-show. You know, like Itchy & Scratchy in The Simpsons or Terrance & Phillip (of which the protagonists are incidentally Canadian) in South Park? So I’ve always thought, why shouldn’t my own series follow the same principle? Canadian Boys is certainly no exception, with the likes of House of CanadaA Nova Scotian Way of Life (which I briefly talked about in my Peggy of the Cove exhibition), and Sackville Sailor, which is what this drawing is based on.

For those who aren’t in the know, Sackville Sailor is basically a show-within-a-show in the Canadian Boys universe for children starring a young cadet sailor of the same name, his friends Oromocto and Aulac, and the crew of the Navy ship HMCOCS Glacier (it’s also popular with adults). Its page on the official Canadian Boys wiki is possibly the most detailed I’ve written up yet (although there’ll obviously be more in the future).

Somewhat inspired by my Inside Out: Rainbow of Emotions colouring book (which I just so happened to get during my stay in Nova Scotia), I thought of all the colourful outfits which the sailors wear, and imagined them being put all together to match up with the colours of the rainbow. And this is the result.

The names of the sailors are all towns and villages in the Canadian coastal province of New Brunswick, which directly borders Nova Scotia to the southeast (which incidentally is where Aulac – second across the third row – hails from). Although the crew of the HMCOCS Glacier come from all over the Canadian Atlantic Provinces, the majority hail from New Brunswick. Probably because since Sackville himself is from New Brunswick, so must most of the crew be from there (even the Captain, whose real name is Lakeville MacNaughton, as found out by Sackville in the Season 4 episode What’s the Captain’s Name?. They still call him just the Captain, though…).

Of course, this doesn’t have all the sailors in the show – there are way too many of them to fit all onto one page, and trying to draw them all might take several more pages! Rather, I just included the main sailors plus a few more to include every colour of the rainbow (even though pink, brown, white and black aren’t technically in the rainbow). And in case you’re wondering – all these sailors do appear at one point or another in the show, and of course Sackville, Oromocto and Aulac will always appear!

(And another postscript: Cornhill – fourth across on the first row – and Hayesville – third across on the fourth row – ARE brothers, and they were both former farmers before becoming sailors for the Navy, which is why they’ve got corn and hay sticking out of them!)