Happy St. George’s Day! St. George is the patron saint of England, where I was born and am currently based (at least until I fulfill my dream of living in Canada, anyway). Though now associated with England, St. George was actually from the area which is now Syria (so I wonder why he’s the patron saint of England, then). The son of Christian Greek parents, he was martyred on the 23rd of April 303 at Nicomedia for refusing to give up on his Christian faith. One of the most enduring tales about St. George is that he slayed a giant dragon, and near the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut, is the St. George’s Bay where according to legend the dragon was slain.


So while it seems that most of the time I’m always fantasizing about Canada, my heart – and mind – will always have made its first home in England. It was even the basis for my first new series after the hugely successful Months franchise, Britain Boys – which I’ll soon be getting around to on this blog! (It eventually went Stateside with American Boys, and finally where I’m at today – Canadian Boys!) For now, though, it’s a huge part of the gallery of Englishness I’ve curated for today, proving that I do get back in touch with England… sometimes.

Everybody for England and St. George!