Created by none other than me in 2005 (around the same time as the Adventure Advanced Gang), the Adventure People was basically a sort of umbrella term for collecting all the characters who weren’t from The Months/The Month Boys together for easier identification. So it was just a filler series while I was concentrating on The Months, only turning to it if I wanted to write or draw something else. A couple of years later, however, The Adventure People started to have a premise of its own. Taking lots of its inspiration from the hugely popular Pokémon series of video games and the animated show, The Adventure People could be seen as an attempt on my origination to bring the whole concept behind those ‘monster shows’ that are so big in Japan to the Western world. (I know Pokémon has been popular in the West since around the late 1990s, but at its heart it’s still a Japanese anime.)

While the first series of The Adventure People didn’t have a special name, the second series did: Ruby & Amber (modelled on how Pokémon games are named after colours or minerals, like Red/BlueGold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire, etc.) This would become the naming convention for every new series of The Adventure People to follow (the current incarnation as of me writing this post is called Opal & Quartz).

Just like the series it was inspired by, The Adventure People plays hosts to numerous different monsters based on real-world animals or certain human occupations, and reserves three as ‘starters’ for new trainers to raise as their first ‘pet’.

For the Ruby & Amber series of The Adventure People, the starters are Elvine, Leonina and Spaniela. Just like Pokémon, all the creatures have a specific ‘type’ (or ‘types’) based on an element, such as Ground, Fire or Water. Elvine is a Normal-type, Leonina is a Fire-type (made obvious by her colours) and Spaniela is also a Normal-type. Elvine is supposed to be based on a dog given his flowing ears and tail (yes, I’ve established that Elvine is male even though he looks more female), Leonina is obviously a lion and Spaniela is loosely based on the Spaniel breeds of dogs, though I just drew her in the style of other dogs I’ve drawn. (Dogs seem to be pretty popular with me, don’t they?)

When trained up enough, Elvine will first evolve into Elvirus and eventually Elviking, Leonina will evolve into Leona and then Leonaflame (gaining the Fire/Dark dual-type), and Spaniela will evolve into Spanielle and then Spanielacus. You can see what they look like in next week’s exhibition.