Just like I promised last week (which was still April, today is the first of May!), here’s what Elvine, Leonina and Spaniela, the starters for the Ruby & Amber series of The Adventure People, will eventually evolve into! (I already touched upon their first evolutions.)

This is a promotional poster I designed for the fighting video game, The Adventure People: Battle Revolution. Remember how I said The Adventure People was inspired by Pokémon? Well, The Adventure People: Battle Revolution was inspired by Pokémon: Battle Revolution, which was out around the same time I drew this poster (and which received… less than enthusiastic reviews from the gaming press, unlike its predecessors, Stadium 2 and Stadium, which are almost universally loved).


The layout of the poster takes direct inspiration from the box art of PBR, with the two legendaries of the current ‘generation’ at the top above the logo, and the final evolved forms of the three starters below. At the time of drawing this poster, Diamond & Pearl (the fourth generation) was the current iteration of the Pokémon series. On the same note, Ruby & Amber was the then-current iteration of the Adventure People series (it’s always so awkward when a series name begins with ‘The’).

I’ve already mentioned the names of the starters (Elvine, Leonina and Spaniela) and their evolutions, but not the legendaries, who are shown at the top. Iciglow (on the left) is obviously an Ice type, while Decemberlinos (on the right) is a Dragon type (which means Decemberlinos is weak to Iciglow’s attacks, as Ice is devastating to Dragons). Iciglow is meant to represent the fragility of ice against Decemberlinos’ strength of dragons, which is somewhat ironic in retrospective.

Decemberlinos bears a very strong resemblance (at least in the head) to December of The Months. I often based the titular Adventure People on other Surfing the Sea characters, especially the Months, so maybe it was some sort of mega crossover with all the other Surfing the Sea series. Even today, I still do this – for the most recent iterations of The Adventure People, Amethyst & Garnet and Opal & Quartz, I based some of the ‘creatures’ on Canadian provinces and provincial capitals, reflecting my undying love of Canada. So you have Brolumbia for British Columbia, Albrash for Alberta, Saskatcheigon for Saskatchewan, and so on.

The poster doesn’t exactly look as polished as the PBR box art, but that’s because it’s meant to be just a poster and not the final box art for the actual game. I just wanted to see what it would look like if I replaced the Pokémon with the Adventure People. (And I probably thought of the Adventure People in 3D battle environments like the Pokémon, too.)