One day, I had a thought: what if I intentionally misspelled all the names of the Months? And to match their new names, they couldn’t be the same as the ‘normal’ Months, but completely different characters altogether.

So that’s when I created the Misspelled Months. They’re just like the Months, except… misspelled. With each month name, I had to change one, two or even three or more letters so to distinguish them from their ‘correctly-spelled’ counterparts, and also change their overall designs and personalities.


Misspelling of January. Reads like ‘Jane Rey’ if you’re Spanish (like me), though I think the Spanish equivalent of Jane would be Juana (like Juan for John). His shirt colours are a reversal of the ‘normal’ January’s – yellow, pink and green instead of green, pink and yellow, and he’s been given metallic blue ‘wings’.


Misspelling of February – and many people get stumped on this one in real life, because of that pesky silent ‘R’ in the middle, leading to them writing ‘Febuary’. (February really is the misfit out of all the months of the year… people always spell its name wrong, it changes its length from 28 to 29 days every four years, and I’ve always wondered what do people who were born on February 29th do in non-leap years for their birthday?) Like Janerey, his shirt colours are the reverse of the ‘normal’ February’s – red and black instead of black and red, and he’s been given silver ‘wings’ like Janerey’s.


Misspelling of March. This was one misspelled month I actually got from somewhere else – I once saw it on an episode of The Simpsons (I think it was a Halloween episode). Her costume is one shade down the rainbow from the ‘normal’ March’s – blue instead of green, the ‘traditional’ leprechaun colour for St. Patrick’s Day.


Misspelling of April – April with frills! (I guess I was feeling clever then!)


Misspelling of May – it’s Maye with an ‘E’, like Anne in Anne of Green Gables: “Anne with an ‘E'” (because people were always misspelling it as ‘Ann’ without an ‘E’). Although the name ‘May’ is sometimes spelled ‘Mae’, like Mae West.


Misspelling of June in English, but this is actually how it’s spelled in German. His glasses are sunglasses, unlike the ‘normal’ June’s, which have clear lenses.


Humorous use of the name ‘Julie’ (a shortening of ‘Julia’) as a misspelling for July. No-one says “Julie” for “July”, do they? He (yes, it’s a he, even though Julie is a female name) is basically a tiny version of the ‘normal’ July with a psychic ball-on-a-tail.


Misspelling of August, mixing the word ‘awe’ in, referring to the flame at the tip of her tail, which can awe and frighten many people. Her shirt loses the final yellow stripe that the ‘normal’ August’s shirt has.


A sort-of Anglicization of the Italian spelling for September, ‘settembre’. He is an even tinier version of the ‘normal’ September, with a fly-swat-on-a-tail.


Misspelling of October in English, although it’s the correct form in German. He also has a psychic ball-on-a-tail like Julie’s, and his cloak is an elongated version of the ‘normal’ October’s shirt.


Not really a misspelling of November, but I simply added an extra letter so it would look like a misspelling. He wears a brown cap like the ‘normal’ November and also has a psychic ball-on-a-tail like Oktober and Julie’s.


Misspelling of December in English, but it’s the correct form in German. He looks almost exactly like the ‘normal’ December (2008 incarnation) outfit-wise, the only difference being the red being closer to pink on Dezember than the ‘true’ red of the ‘normal’ December’s.

Hopefully you might have learnt a new language reading through all these misspelled month names! (It may not really be a misspelling depending on your native language.)