Yes, I said ‘posters’, not ‘poster’, because I made two versions of the same poster for the same film – which means it’s time for another double exhibition!

So why am I talking about a film here? Because that’s what December Goes Wild was meant to be. December Goes Wild is the second film of the Los Niños Meses 2008 season (it was mostly comprised of films, unlike the previous series), and the star of the show is obviously December. After drinking a can of the infamous in-universe energy drink, Jungle Wild, he goes on not-quite-a-rampage around the city of Santa Marta (not the one in Colombia, but simply an in-universe city which just so happens to have the same name), and his antics shock some citizens while making others laugh. It’ll take a lot of snapping-out from the other Months to help him regain his senses.

As previously mentioned, I designed two posters for the film, keeping the same basic layout but changing some of the characters, while still keeping December as the centrepiece.

December Goes Wild Poster (Version 1)

The first version of the poster uses bold black felt-tip pen for the outlines and coloured pencils for the colours, giving them that quintessentially Surfing the Sea cartoon style (at least for 2008, anyway). There’s a few Adventure People and Pokémon to be found here – Latias and Latios from the third generation of Pokémon act as the impromptu ‘villains’ for the film, and Lotad from the same generation appears in the ‘crowd’ to the right of December. The Adventure People shown are Puggyera, Elvin (not related to Elvine, though they share very much the same design), Swantacus (who acted as the sort-of mascot for The Adventure People at this time, rather like Pikachu with Pokémon) and Dogaleo (who also acted as a mascot).

December Goes Wild Poster (Version 2)

The second version of the poster instead uses pencil for the outlines and felt-tip pens for the colours, in a sort of total opposite to the first. (Pencils would later become my prime drawing tool!) Most of the characters from the first edition of the poster are still here, but Elvin seems to have disappeared. Puggyera, Lotad and Dogaleo are now in a cheering pose, and Latias and Latios have magically grown legs! (Or they could be like planes in that they tuck in their legs while flying and take them out when on the ground, like how planes tuck in their front wheels on take-off and take it back out when landing.) Latios also looks somewhat even angrier than he did on the first version of the poster…

While I did design a cover for the book adaptation of the film (I might scan it in and upload it onto both this blog and my website later), I never got around to writing the actual story – my sister Melissa seemed to have put on her own version of the story and changed it into something veering straight off my path for it. Sometimes she likes to use my creations for her own purposes (although she always credits me…)