I’m announcing the commencement of a new project: a Canadian Boys character illustration book!

Put simply, a character illustration book is a book that serves to show off every character (or nearly every character) in a series. Despite being the creator, I’ve only really drawn 10-20% of the entire Canadian Boys cast, and many still remain undrawn even six years later!

So by creating a Canadian Boys character illustration book, this will help stimulate and keep my imagination running over the coming long summer, and at the same time finally reveal the designs for all the characters to both myself and my audience. They might even learn about some places in Canada which they’ve never heard of or been to before! (Which is the whole point of the series…)

Each page will set out the characters with their names in alphabetical order for easy viewing, reference and identification. As I write, I’ve already completed the first page, featuring all the characters who live at the Canadian Boys’ House. (Except Ottawa obviously doesn’t live at the house.) I’m currently working on the second page.


When the character illustration book is eventually completed (it’ll take quite a long time as there are so many Canadian Boys characters!), I will turn it into a downloadable/printable PDF document which can be read on any computer or mobile device (though you’ll obviously need a PDF reader).

This book will serve as a visual reference guide to all the Canadian Boys characters. If you want to get more detailed information, you’ll need to see the Canadian Boys Wiki.