Time to get back on to writing about my own characters! But this time it’s something you probably haven’t heard of from me before…

The Animal Parade is a series about the friendly, outgoing Monkey and all his animal pals. They live out on a tropical island in the beautiful blue Indigo Ocean (which, in-universe, is located off the coast of the Months‘ homeland, aptly named Monthland). When they all come together, Monkey and his animal buddies make up the Animal Parade (hence the name of the series), who organize parties and processions in their mission to keep the island free from their antagonists, the Bumblebee Band, who hate people (or in this case, animals) working together and instead want to sting everybody into a painful rage so that they fight. (What the Bumblebee Band probably don’t realize is that they’d all die doing so, since bees die if they sting you. It’d be a suicide mission for them.)

This may look like a book cover at first, but it’s actually a poster promoting a game based on The Animal Parade, called The Animal Parade Party. It’s supposed to be an edutainment game (in the same vein as Humongous Entertainment‘s games, like Putt-Putt or Pajama Sam), where Monkey is organizing the annual titular party celebrating their island and its inhabitants, and he must call on the aid of all his animal friends to help make it the best one yet. Unfortunately, the Bumblebee Band also want to join in the party too…

As expected, the animals are all lined up in the eponymous ‘animal parade’, with Monkey as the leader. All the animals have self-explanatory names giving their species, like (obviously) Monkey.

Shown here:

  • Swan
  • Mouse (who greatly resembles Mickey Mouse)
  • Brown Bear
  • Bunny (although rabbits aren’t obviously pink in real life)
  • Giraffe
  • Reindeer (who looks a lot like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer of Christmas fame)
  • Grackle (a dark blue crow-like bird, although she looks more purple here)
  • Tortoise
  • Lion (who looks a lot like Leonina from the Ruby & Amber series of The Adventure People)
  • Monkey

The animals fly an ‘Animal Parade’ flag as part of their processions, as is standard is many parades around the world. And since the weather is bright and sunny, today’s a perfect day for parading! (At least on this poster, anyway – the weather in London today is drab, grey and drizzly.)

Of course, there are a lot more animals in The Animal Parade than those shown here, but the size limitations of A4 paper means I obviously can’t include them all. I’ll just say the ones here are the ‘main gang’, as Monkey’s with them.