It’s another A Nova Scotian Way of Life artwork! But these are two new characters who didn’t appear on my incomplete cast poster of the ‘whole’ ANSWOL crew.

These two new colourful personalities are named Oxford and Berwick – or, to give their full names, Oxford McCormick and Berwick Welsford. They are named after the towns of Oxford and Berwick in Nova Scotia to keep in with the series’ Nova Scotian themes. (Not Oxford and Berwick in England – the English Berwick, located near the border with Scotland, is officially called Berwick-upon-Tweed. Although it does fit in a little with “Nova Scotia” being “New Scotland” in Latin…)

You might be wondering why they’re both dressed up entirely in the same colour, with Oxford in blue and Berwick in red. This will need a little explanation: Oxford grows blueberries and Berwick grows apples. They have apparently grown to love these fruits so much that they dress up completely in the matching colours, even dyeing their hair in that colour and decorating it with the corresponding fruit – so Oxford dresses up in blue to look somewhat like a blueberry, decorating his hair with blueberries, while Berwick dresses up in red to look a little like a red apple (not the green kind), decorating his hair with apples.

And why blueberries and apples? The town of Oxford is called the “Blueberry Capital of Canada”, and a sculpture of a giant anthropomorphic blueberry graces the entrance to the town to reflect this status. The surrounding fields are located in Nova Scotia’s blueberry-growing region of Cumberland County.

Welcome to Oxford, Nova Scotia – The Blueberry Capital of Canada
The Giant Blueberry in Oxford, NS

And the town of Berwick, Nova Scotia is called the “Apple Capital of Nova Scotia”. It is located in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, which is home to some of Canada’s largest apple-growing farms – the town of Kentville near Berwick holds an ‘Apple Blossom Festival’ around the end of May each year. A huge apple on a pole marks the entrance to Berwick, and a small apple appears on the town’s welcome sign. So forget New York – Berwick, Nova Scotia is the REAL Big Apple!

Welcome to Berwick, Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia’s Apple Capital
Berwick, NS – Big Apple
Welcome to Berwick, Nova Scotia

By the looks of it, it seems Nova Scotians (including Oxford and Berwick themselves) really love their blueberries and apples – or their food in general!

Nova Scotian blueberries
Nova Scotian apples