Whenever I’m running a little low on the creative juices, looking up colour palettes can give me a much-needed shot of inspiration to draw my characters using those colours in the palette. Colour palettes seem to have become something of a sensation amongst artistic types (like me) on the Internet, with artists challenging themselves to draw a piece of creative work using only a few colours (usually four or five) which have been given a descriptive name by the palette originator.



The colours in a colour palette can help me to think about one of my characters who wears that particular colour scheme, and then try to draw them using just those colours. This can be especially effective with characters who wear completely colour-coded outfits (only in one colour, as opposed to several, like a rainbow), as with Westville from A Nova Scotian Way of Life and an all-yellow colour palette below.


Since the shades of yellow in this palette roughly correspond to those worn by Westville in his outfit, this can make a simple mono-colour doodle of Westville if I ever were to run low on imagination fuel. (Not that I’d only draw Westville using these palettes – I’d of course draw any character, but I’m only using Westville as an example.) 🙂

And apparently other artists think the same, too – take a look at these colour palettes inspired by TV shows and movies, like Steven Universe, Aladdin and Frozen.







I’ve recently created a board on my Pinterest profile (yes, I ‘pin‘ too!) to collect all the colour palettes I find across the Web into one convenient place, so if needed I can simply dip in and let the splashes of colours get my creative engines running again.