After discovering ‘colour palette challenges’ on DeviantArt and Tumblr (see a more detailed explanation of colour palette challenges on this post), I became inspired to draw some of my characters using only a specific colour scheme designed by other fellow artists.

So I chose three colour palettes from this set by Striped-Tie on DeviantArt (which is so far my personal favourite set):


…and I began to draw some little doodles of some of my characters using just those colours. It was a little challenging to only use a specific set of colours (that’s why it’s called a ‘challenge’!), but it helped to exercise my imagination a lot to try to find matching or roughly-corresponding colours to the originals.

First up is Westville from A Nova Scotian Way of Life in the “Lemon Chiffon” colour palette by Mahala74! (Yes, just like I suggested in the other post…) Because he wears an all-yellow outfit (usually) and the palette used was completely made out of light shades of yellow, it was a perfect fit for him.

Colour Palette Challenge – Westville

Next up is Dartmouth from Secondary School by the Sea in the “From The Earth” colour palette by Jess3110! The browns used in the palette somewhat correspond to the colour of Dartmouth’s suit and suitcase, and also matches his ‘dark’ personality and traits. (Dartmouth isn’t called the “Darkside” for nothing…)

Colour Palette Challenge – Dartmouth

And completing the trio is Dartmouth’s fellow teacher Jollimore (also from Secondary School by the Sea) in the “Controlled Chaos” colour palette by Alter_Ego! In contrast to Dartmouth’s rather mundane palette of earthy-brown tones, Jollimore’s palette uses a lot brighter reds, oranges and yellows, matching his jolly personality (that’s why his name’s Jollimore). The darker red in the palette somewhat corresponds to the colour of his suit.

Colour Palette Challenge – Jollimore

As set out in the other post, I won’t be stopping with just these three doodles – whenever my imagination needs a bit of stimulation, I’ll give it some exercise with a colour palette challenge!