In the last exhibition, I talked about the Humberside Boys, the prime troublemakers in the Britain Boys series (after Doncaster and his gang). But there’s even more bad guys lurking around the Britain Boys universe (must be pretty dangerous for the ordinary good citizens if there’s some bad apples hidden amongst them)…

The Operation Spray Bottle Gang (or simply Operation Spray Bottle) are comprised of Jesmond, Kendall (actually spelt ‘Kendal‘, with one ‘L’ instead of two), and Lemington. Who is this troublesome trio?

Jesmond is a former friend and lover of Newcastle, who was briefly mentioned in the exhibition of the London to Basildon character mini-booklet (he and Lemington are named for two districts of the city of Newcastle – Lemington shouldn’t be confused with Leamington Spa, or any other place named Leamington/Lemington). While it seemed like they could never live without each other during their teenage years, Jesmond’s apparent ‘love’ for her soon took a dark turn when he started hurting her out of unprovoked spite, because by then she had met and fell in love with her future husband Castleford. Jesmond’s jealousy (alliteration for the world!) has never gone away even years later, and he’s still intent on attacking her and basically making her life a misery. He uses a spray bottle filled with stinging soapy water as his attack weapon, giving Operation Spray Bottle its name.

Kendall (with two ‘L”s) is Jesmond’s first and main accomplice. He likes to try to annoy Newcastle by making silly faces at her and shouting out jokes to get her to ‘get’ them (she never does). His attack weapon is a custard cannon (actually just a water gun filled with custard), which he uses to splotch Newcastle with the sweet, gooey yellow stuff, and sometimes throws apples as a ‘back-up’ weapon to mess her up further. (Like he wants to turn her into an apple custard pie.)

Lemington is Jesmond’s second and newest accomplice. Her attack weapon is a snow laser which shoots out icy beams of cold energy to freeze everything and everyone solid, including Newcastle. Kendall seems to be romantically interested in her, but much to his annoyance, she says she’s more into Jesmond than Kendall. She wears a metallic-blue snowflake badge to warn people that she’ll freeze them in their tracks if she feels the need to.

There are a few more characters in the Britain Boys universe who have villainous tendencies but are not real villains – they’re just mischievous troublemakers. (Which could be said for Grimsby of the Humberside Boys, since he’s only two years old and his ‘accidents’ don’t cause much damage, save for a little embarrassment.)