Tomorrow, Friday the 22nd of July, I’ll be flying to Colombia, where I’ll be staying for a month from the end of July to the end of August.

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ll know that this isn’t my first time visiting Colombia – far from it. Since my first-ever visit in 1997 as a tiny two-year-old (when I began drawing), I’ve re-visited Colombia about seven times, including the brief time I lived there between 2006-2007. This will be my eighth time travelling to the country, and it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever stop visiting it anytime soon, as most of my mother’s family (she’s Colombian) still lives there.

Since I’ll be holidaying in Colombia for a whole month (as opposed to just a week in Canada), you may find that I might not be updating as often as I would back home, possibly due to being outside more frequently and probably not having a scanner at hand to digitize any new drawings I create while away. This is why I’ve obtained a new art journal to record any drawings I create on holiday and post them onto both my blog and other social media channels, so you can at least see how I’m honing my creative skills while I’m away from my desk. And I’ll obviously still continue writing all the stories I’ve commenced writing on, like Life is a Beach.

My new art journal

Unlike in Canada where I updated my blog with my travel experiences every day, in Colombia my blog will instead be updated weekly due to the longer holidaying period (it would be tiring for me to update it every day for an entire month). They will most likely be scheduled by me to help keep the routine consistent just like it would be back home in England, and the same will also apply for the weekly art exhibitions (I always aim to have them up every Sunday, or Monday at the latest).

I’ll soon enough be back to my normal drawing and writing routine, but for now I’ll be off to once again savour Colombia’s great weather, food and people!