Back in the day, I seemed to have a sort of loving inclination towards the characters from Britain Boys who shared my northern English roots, like Leeds, Hull and the Humberside Boys (whom I talked about in more detail here). The terrible two-year-old Grimsby, himself a member of the Humberside Boys, was the one out of the troublesome trio who attracted the most attention from me (possibly because my home town of Goole is located somewhat close to the town of Grimsby, separated only by Hull and the Humber Bridge).

Naturally, this would lead to me drawing many artworks featuring Grimsby – usually with his parents Cleethorpes and Humberston, the other two members of the Humberside Boys – but very occasionally by himself. So I thought one day that I’d design a character wardrobe just for Grimsby (yes, even though he’s only two years old…) based on some of the imagined episodes of Britain Boys starring him.

In no particular order, here’s a list of all of Grimsby’s designed outfits shown in this drawing:

  • Normal (blue dungarees with a purple shirt underneath), actually shown twice!
  • ‘Cool’ (wearing dark sunglasses, usually seen in summertime episodes)
  • Christmas (wearing a red Santa hat, from all the Christmas specials)
  • Fairy (wearing a pair of blue fairy-like wings, from the Britain Boys Fairies special)
  • Spaceboy (astronaut suit with jetpack, from the Britain Boys in Outer Space special)
  • Tribal (grass skirt and feather head decoration with a wooden spear, from the Britain Boys in the Jungle special)
  • Formal (white tuxedo with a black bowtie, usually only seen on episodes about very special occasions, like New Year’s Eve)
  • Rogue (pirate-like red bandana and blue short-sleeved shirt and shorts, from the Britain Boys Pirates special)
  • ‘Spooky’ (black wizard-like robe, pointed witch’s hat and broomstick, from all the Halloween episodes)
  • Tiny (shrunken down to half his normal size, from the Britain Boys Little People special)
  • Merboy (purple mermaid/merman-like fish tail, from the Britain Boys Under the Sea special)

Despite being only two years old, Grimsby has a wardrobe that far outgrows those of most small children of his age. And no, it’s got nothing to do with his habit of causing ‘accidents’ every so often…