Ever since its theatrical release last July, the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out has practically taken over the way I think of emotions and how they work. While I obviously still know the inside of our minds isn’t like that scientifically, it makes it a lot easier for me and people of my ilk to personify our emotions so we can explain them better than we usually would. This has led to me thinking up numerous ideas of crossing over my own characters with the Inside Out emotions providing their feelings as a more visual way of displaying their overall personalities.

On this particular occasion, my mind first thought of Secondary School by the Sea to be crossed over with Inside Out. Dartmouth and Jollimore have a drastically large gap in between their opposing outlooks on life, Dartmouth being pessimistic and Jollimore being optimistic, so I thought the Inside Out emotions could play a part in showing off their contrasting personalities more easily than just long paragraphs of character biographies (as seen here).

The emotions frolicking about on Dartmouth and Jollimore’s heads represent what they feel most (if not all) of the time. Anger and Disgust rule over Dartmouth’s mind as he’s always moody and annoyed by Jollimore’s ‘do-gooding’, and holds a pessimistic stance on life in that everything will always go wrong (which somewhat counts for Sadness, who is right under him). Fear does sometimes come into play on Dartmouth’s ‘console’ though, because of his chronic paranoia about being constantly followed and killed by his students. Jollimore, by stark contrast, lets Joy rule over his thoughts (nearly) all the time, since he’s much more positive than Dartmouth – she’s the only emotion on his head in this drawing. Of course (a little spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie), Inside Out teaches us that we can’t be happy all the time and negative feelings can actually play a part in positive emotional health. In Jollimore’s case, Fear and a little tinge of Sadness will mould his thoughts if he’s worried for Dartmouth’s safety, like if he’s visiting him in hospital after one of the students’ numerous attempts to kill him has failed (but made him sustain severe injuries in the process of trying).

Inside Out still rules my thoughts on feelings even on its one-year anniversary of theatrical release, so I may well be drawing a lot more crossovers of my own characters (or others’) with the Inside Out emotions in the foreseeable future. (I’ve previously thought up of an Inside Out crossover with the all the province and territory characters from the IAmMatthewian Project/Project Canada.)