Yes, I just couldn’t stop drawing them, could I? The past three exhibitions on this blog, including today’s, have been all about the big bad Humberside Boys from the Britain Boys series. (Or one Humberside Boy, in Grimsby’s case last week.)

By now, I’ve pretty much explained who the Humberside Boys are, so they’ll probably need no introduction. (If you did need one, though, just see here.)

Here, the Humberside Boys don’t seem to be causing any trouble, as they usually would do; instead, the people they’re supposed to be intimidating with their very presence are making a mockery of them. While they were on their way to make some mayhem, the Humberside Boys got caught up in a joke shop and ended up in clown suits, complete with squirting flowers, bowties and colourful pointy hats, so the crowd think they’re at a circus, which is why they’re all laughing. Grimsby (in the white tuxedo and black bowtie) seems strangely casual considering all the ruckus going on around his family, though it’s somewhat justified in that he’s only two years old and probably doesn’t get the intention of being laughed at instead of being laughed with.

All the members of the crowd are coloured in rainbow hues, matching up with the circus-like atmosphere and the funniness of the ‘incident’. The crowd member in dark green, just in between Cleethorpes and Humberston, bears a great resemblance to a later character of mine (who exactly it is, you’ll see in some time). Cleethorpes and Humberston’s costumes are coloured in blue and pink, the traditional though stereotypical hues for boys and girls respectively. (Back in the day, due to how I drew girls then, Humberston often got mistaken for a boy…)

This isn’t the first time the Humberside Boys have been on the receiving end of embarrassment – indeed, whenever their plans of evil fail, they rightly get humiliated, and Grimsby does of course play a part in embarrassing his parents on a daily basis. Being villains isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for the Humberside Boys sometimes – including this time.