So last week, I talked about Rochdale and Southsea, two seemingly mysterious characters from the Britain Boys series who both share a love of water and making a splash. There, I mentioned that they are members of a gang called the ‘Swimming Pool People’. So who are the other gang members?

Rochdale and Southsea were the founding members of the Swimming Pool People, since they’re always hanging out at the leisure centre splashing about in the pool (or dive-bombing, in Southsea’s case). They soon met up with other people who loved to use the pool as their meeting-up spot, and so the Swimming Pool People came about. This drawing only shows a few members of the Swimming Pool People; there are obviously a whole lot more than just these four, but the size of A4 paper won’t exactly hold potentially hundreds or even thousands of characters all at once.

Heysham (third from the left, just next to Southsea) is a young woman who calls the pool her hanging-out spot. Her favourite pool activity is riding on the flume and surfing on the inflatable waterbeds. She has an occasional second job as an organizer for children’s birthday parties and all-inflatable sessions, so her poolside hanging-out habit does bring in a little bit of money for her. If she doesn’t have one on her, she will take an inflatable off another swimmer, especially if they’re using too many.

Bristol (fourth from the left, just beside Heysham) is a rather shy and easily embarrassed 21-year-old young man. He suffers from a form of incontinence which causes him to relieve himself at often-awkward moments, such as when performing for an audience or when he goes swimming. Despite this, he likes to stay out by the poolside in his spare time, usually just watching people happily splashing about in the water, relaxing on inflatable waterbeds or riding the flume. Sometimes he does actually go swimming in the pool, which frequently ends embarrassingly for him and the other swimmers. This has made him feel very self-conscious about himself and his bladder problem, and thus being at the poolside.

Bristol would later become one of my favourite Britain Boys characters (yes, I can have a favourite out of one of my own characters too), and I would doodle many drawings of him over the next few months or so. (Incidentally, Bristol is now the city where my sister Melissa is currently getting her university education. Foreshadowing?)