Last week, I revealed the Swimming Pool People, the gang of water-lovers from the Britain Boys series which Rochdale and Southsea (shown the exhibition before last week’s) belong to and frequently hang out with. Now that you’ve seen the gang itself, how about we see them in action?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look too good. Wakefield, the local homeless child, has somehow wandered into the leisure centre and ended up tumbling into the swimming pool – with his clothes and precious blanket on. With very little experience of swimming, he’s struggling and thrashing about in the water for his life, trying to avoid premature death by drowning. Luckily, Rochdale, who is an expert swimmer himself at the tender age of just 6 years old, has heard the ruckus coming from the pool, and he’s plunged straight in to save Wakefield from succumbing to the deep blue.

At the safety of the poolside, Southsea (Rochdale’s father) keeps a close watch over his young son coming to Wakefield’s rescue. The Castle family – Pontefract, Newcastle and Castleford – also watch over with anxiety, as does their ‘best friend’ Bristol (who I mentioned in the last exhibition as being one of the Swimming Pool People). He seems to have relieved himself out of nervousness, which explains the yellow stain on his trousers (although, really, I accidentally over-coloured his belt buckle with the yellow coloured pencil – I didn’t have a gold one at the time – and it spilled over onto the lower hem of his shirt. I added this explanation much, much later…)

Strangely though, one member of the Swimming Pool People seems to be totally absent – and that member is Heysham, the only female member of the SPP. Maybe she had something else to do that day, like an actual job earning money, not just aimlessly hanging out by the pool. Even so, it would be somewhat heartless of her to not be at the pool when someone’s in danger, given her love of using inflatables while swimming.

Cute Heysham