It’s time to introduce those who are the very creme-de-la-creme of Britain Boys society – the royal family! Not the REAL royal family, which would be the Windsors, but rather the Britain Boys royal family.

Penzance is considered the King of Britain, ruling above the city and its environs from a castle in the skies above (not a reference to that Studio Ghibli anime film). Having a peaceful temperament, he hates to see people fighting or getting involved in pointless wars or fights. However, he won’t hesitate to get angry if something annoys him, and he will promptly zap the offender with his magic sceptre (luckily for them, they don’t disintegrate or vanish to another twisted dimension). When not on his royal duties, Penzance likes to relax in the castle Jacuzzi and have a good laugh with his buddies.

Ashford is Penzance’s wife and the Queen of Britain (obviously not to be confused with the current Queen of England). She’s always looking after her husband, and will step in his place when he’s not on royal duty. Ashford is the mother of the three royal children and heirs to the throne, who are named Marazion, Balham and Littleborough. Marazion is 3 years old, while Balham is 2 and Littleborough 1. Their cuteness can charm even the most staunch republican into possibly changing their stance on the monarchy.

You may have noticed the rather unusual-looking eggs at the bottom of the drawing. Each of them has a special magic marking and coloured shell. Who exactly are they? They’ll be hatching in the next exhibition…