Yip, it’s these kids once again. I just can’t help but keep drawing them. 😉

This time though, they’re not drawn all together like last time – rather, they’re split out onto three separate drawings, organized by the region of Canada they’re from. Their poses are all modelled after IAMP/PC creator Sherry Lai‘s height chart reference for them.

Sherry Lai’s IAMP/PC province height chart reference

Part 1: Pacific & Territories

Kate Sahneuti, Victoria Cheung, Cymbeline Thanadelthur & Nanook Puqiqnak

This region encompasses the northern territories and British Columbia on the Pacific western coast. BC is Canada’s only Pacific province, since the territories are locked in onto the Arctic Ocean by Alaska. BC houses Vancouver, Canada’s third-largest city (after Toronto in Ontario and Montreal in Quebec). These provinces/territories are known for their vast wild landscapes which include mountains, tundras, oceans and even volcanoes.

From left to right:
  • Kate Sahneuti (Yukon Territory)
  • Victoria Cheung (British Columbia)
  • Cymbeline Thanadelthur (Northwest Territories)
  • Nanook Puqiqnak (Nunavut)
Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and BC by Amikyten

Part 2: Prairies & Central

Ralph Campbell, Owen Douglas Carswell, Ilan Riel, Oliver Stanley & Jean Tremblay

Located in the western-central and central regions of Canada, two of these provinces – Alberta and Saskatchewan – have no coastlines at all due to being landlocked, though they do have lakes. Ontario and Quebec are home to Toronto and Montreal, Canada’s two biggest cities. Ontario also houses Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and Quebec is rich in French culture and language. The Prairie Provinces are often nicknamed the ‘Wheatbasket of Canada’ due to their vast wheat fields, especially Saskatchewan’s.

From left to right:

  • Ralph Campbell (Alberta)
  • Owen Douglas Carswell (Saskatchewan)
  • Ilan Riel (Manitoba)
  • Oliver Stanley (Ontario)
  • Jean Tremblay (Quebec)
Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba by Amikyten
Ontario & Quebec by Amikyten

Part 3: Maritimes

Marie McCain, Joel Alexander MacKenzie, Benjamin O’Reilly, Labrador & Anne Montgomery

The Maritime/Atlantic Provinces are so named because they straddle the Atlantic Ocean (on the eastern coast) and are heavily influenced by the distinctive culture of the sea. These provinces are famous for their seafood (especially lobsters), fishing, lighthouses, shipbuilding history, and – in the case of Prince Edward Island – potatoes and the childhood classic Anne of Green Gables. Nova Scotia’s name is Latin, meaning ‘New Scotland’, and it is home to one of Canada’s largest populations of Scottish heritage. However, much like Quebec, the Maritimes do have a smattering of French culture, which in the Maritimes manifests itself in the Acadian communities – New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province, using both English and French.

From left to right:
  • Marie McCain (New Brunswick)
  • Joel Alexander MacKenzie (Nova Scotia)
  • Benjamin O’Reilly (Newfoundland)
  • Labrador
  • Anne Montgomery (Prince Edward Island)
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & PEI by Amikyten

You may have noticed a change in Saskatchewan’s surname. In the IAMP, his surname was Williams, which was the same as Canada’s (whose real name is Matthew Williams). This caused some confusion to the fans and even the producers themselves, as according to them, the provinces and territories are technically not Canada’s children (as I often think they are). In the PC reboot of the series, Saskatchewan’s surname has been changed to Douglas Carswell, thus his full real name is Owen Douglas Carswell rather than Owen Williams.

Saskatchewan’s reference for PC can be found here, showing his new full name: http://project-canada.skyforum.net/t100-reference-saskatchewan

He will now be named as Owen Douglas Carswell instead of Owen Williams in future IAMP/PC fan-artworks.

Saskatchewan reference artwork by Amikyten
Owen Douglas Carswell