In last week’s exhibition, the drawing of the Britain Boys royal family had some rather strange and magical eggs at the bottom below the royals themselves:

The Britain Boys Royal Family & The Floating Ones’ Eggs

Those mysterious eggs have since hatched, and out came the Floating Ones!

The Floating Ones

The Floating Ones are the royal’s family minuscule friends who, well, float about in the air. (I couldn’t really think of a better-sounding name for them, but I thought the ‘Floating Ones’ just sounded cute and child-like, matching their fairy-like traits.) When needed, they will pop out of their magical egg homes (a la Shugo Chara, which they were inspired by) and float to the royals’ rescue.

The Floating Ones are:

  • Farnborough

A wheelchair-bound but warm-hearted young man. While he is very friendly with the other Floating Ones, he is somewhat timid and hates seeing others fighting or being hostile to each other. He often jokes that since he can float in the air and fly, a wheelchair is unnecessary for him, as it’s only for solid ground.

  • Manchester

A young woman who dresses in black and yellow, rather like a bumblebee. She is strong and won’t put up with those who push her around, but she is also rather fearful of the boys of the pack, particularly Telford and Gillingham. She is modelled on the ‘bad’ Dia from Shugo Chara.

  • Telford

A 33-year-old man with a rather terrible temperament. Brooding mostly to himself, if he gets annoyed by something or someone, he will burst out with fury and try to attack the offender, usually by tormenting and insulting them. His prime buddy is Gillingham, who can be just as inflammable as he is, and he frequently frightens Farnborough and Manchester into fearing him and Gillingham.

  • Inverness

A skier, the only Scottish Floating One. Loving to slide down snowy slopes at high speed, he is crazy about his path and will often have moments where he completely loses his mind. He sometimes collides with the other Floating Ones while he is ‘air-skiing’, causing him to get knocked off his skis. Despite his rather unconventional manners, he is almost universally loved by the other Floating Ones.

  • Gillingham

A 34-year-old man. The best buddy of Telford, his temperament is just as bad as his, mostly grumbling to himself and becoming outraged if something or someone just about ticks him off, shouting loudly at the perpetrator. He looks almost identical to Telford – the only differences being a one-year age gap and the colour of their shirts, and they will equally shoot back if they’re called ‘twins’ or ‘brothers’.

  • Brompton

A 36-year-old man and the ‘leader’ of the Floating Ones. Using his special ‘Purple Magic’, he can fix just about anything – even a broken friendship or an intense argument. He keeps the other Floating Ones in order and will not hesitate to impose discipline on them if they get too out of hand. He likes to think of them as his ‘little brothers and sisters’ and will love them regardless of their manners or behaviour.

The Floating Ones would then become my next new favourite characters from the Britain Boys series after Grimsby and the Humberside Boys, especially Telford and Gillingham (who would evolve into a later character with the same name for a different series). I would draw quite a few more artworks starring them for a good while: