A few exhibitions ago, on the Britain Boys Swimming Pool People drawing, I showed off Bristol, who was displayed as the fourth member of the eponymous swim-loving gang. A rather shy and reserved 21-year-old man with a bladder problem, he finds it very difficult to be around other people due to his low confidence and fear of embarrassment. This doesn’t stop him from hanging out at the swimming pool with Rochdale, Southsea and Heysham, however – although it can come up with even more embarrassment for him in the water.

Here, Bristol isn’t shown with the Swimming Pool People, but rather with two more new Britain Boys characters: Watford and Rainham. I mostly just created these two on a whim to satisfy my overworking imagination (and it still overworks today: just look at Canadian Boys and A Nova Scotian Way of Life!)

Watford is, as you can probably tell by the drawing, a very loudmouthed young man. He doesn’t care where he is or when it is, he’ll just shout out as noisily as he can to attract the most attention – and possibly get pulled away in the process. He’ll show his very strong opinions on all kinds of matters – even something he can’t control, like the weather or traffic (if it’s particularly suffocating on one day). Sometimes he gets on board the megaphone at the park or shopping centre to prove his (sharp) points.

Rainham was mostly created as a joke character to make a pun on ‘rain’ (which is in his name. Which sort of rhymed). He is fashioned out rather like a water deity, which is made prominent in his long, flowing navy-blue hair and silvery-blue mermaid (or merman) tail. He frequently drips with rainwater when walking or swimming about, which is why his name is Rainham. (Rhymed again!)

I still wasn’t quite yet done with Britain Boys at this point, though. I still had more characters in store… (Triple rhyme… three’s a charm!) 😉