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Dartmouth and Jollimore: On Halloween — Oct 31, 2016

Dartmouth and Jollimore: On Halloween

(Dartmouth and Jollimore sit at a black wooden table littered with spider webs and a sinister, glowing jack-o’-lantern perched in the centre. It is almost totally pitch-black dark, with occasional bright flashes of lightning and deep rumbles of thunder in the background.)

Dartmouth: Ugh… Halloween. That time of year when kids – and immature adults – everywhere celebrate everything that’s spooky and scary. (Shudders a little) And you know what I’m like to deal with fear.

Jollimore: (chuckles) Halloween’s a great time of the year to get together and scare up a little fun! Trick-or-treating’s the best bit – and dressing up as wild and wacky creatures, too!

Dartmouth: But trick-or-treating’s dangerous. While people were a bit more accepting of children in weird costumes coming up uninvited to their doors asking for sweets back in the older days, today with all those warnings about ‘stranger danger’ and kids getting kidnapped by imposters on the Internet, they’re now a lot more suspicious of unexpected visitors. Some people have even started sticking up ‘No Trick-or-Treaters’ signs in their windows to keep those annoying little troublemakers away. I should stick one up in my own window, too!

Jollimore: But the kids don’t necessarily set out to other people’s houses to cause trouble – they just want to give ‘em a good freak-out and get some tasty candy in return. And if they do the ‘tricking’ part of trick-or-treating, it’s just a harmless little prank – they don’t try to kill them, or anything terrible like that.

Dartmouth: Well, that’s exactly what people nowadays fear – that those stupid kids will knock at my door, pumpkin-shaped candy pots in hand, and when I open it up, they stick the barrel-end of a gun right up in my face! What a nasty trick to play on me indeed!

Jollimore: (grinning) At least they give you candy. Doesn’t that sweeten the ordeal for you, Dartmouth?

Dartmouth: (groaning) Ugh, what a bad joke to make. It’s a real danger, Jollimore! Those stupid kids could end up killing me – all because they wanted some candy from me, in the name of everything that’s spooky! The candy they’ve got might just as well be bullets for their guns!

Jollimore: If you were dressed as a werewolf, Dartmouth, you’d better hope they weren’t silver bullets. Silver means instant death for werewolves. (giggling)

Dartmouth: (roaring) Rrrrrgggghhhh! Now you’ve got me started! You’ve REALLY got me started! (He whips on a werewolf costume, complete with sharp fangs, and howls noisily up to the darkened ceiling with the white full moon in the night sky and lightning crashing)

Jollimore: (impressed) Ooh, your werewolf impression is really true to life, Dartmouth! Or should I say… true to death? (He whips on a black cape with a red hood and ‘bleeding’ fangs so he looks like a vampire, stretching out and holding up his cape with his hands)

Dartmouth: You’re a vampire now, Jollimore, so that means you’re allergic to the morning sun! I’ll pursue you out into the light of day, and you’ll melt like ice cream in the hot summer! (Growls lowly at Jollimore while he bares his fangs and sharp claws)

Jollimore: (chuckling rather nervously) Eh-heh-heh… I think he’s serious…

Dartmouth: (suddenly roars out at Jollimore, his hairy werewolf arms reaching out while he rushes after him around the ‘set’, knocking down a black ‘wall’ with a fake night window scene to reveal a bright, blue sunny sky)

Jollimore: (feeling the warmth of the sun) Ahh…! The morning is too much… I’m melting…! (He pretends to slump to the ground as if the sunlight is melting him, his cape and fangs sliding off while he crouches down underneath)

Dartmouth: (catches sight of the silver on Jollimore’s vampire ‘fangs’) No, not silver! Silver is a werewolf’s poison! I can’t bear the shiny grey glow… (As he slumps down to the ground, he rips his werewolf costume off himself, tossing the parts aside. He lays a hand upon the discarded vampire costume, beneath where Jollimore lays hidden)

Jollimore: (emerging from underneath his vampire costume) Whoa, that was pretty scary. But scary’s what Halloween’s all about.

Dartmouth: (punching out up into the air off the ground) Huh, you say. But Halloween isn’t really scary at all. Know what’s ACTUALLY scary for me? That a stupid kid could be lurching around the corner, ready to beat up on me and try to kill me at any minute or second of my life!

Jollimore: (smiling) That’s called paranoia, Dartmouth.

Dartmouth: My life is literally one big horror show. And others will watch it!

Jollimore: Actually, they do already. It’s called Secondary School by the Sea. And we’re the stars.

Dartmouth: (sarcastically) Ooh, now THAT’S what I call a nasty Halloween surprise!

Jollimore: (to the audience) It’s true, you know.

A very Happy Halloween to you all!



My New DeviantArt Gallery! — Oct 28, 2016

My New DeviantArt Gallery!

I’ve now made a brand-new DeviantArt gallery to showcase all my artworks!

While I have had a couple of galleries on DeviantArt before, this third incarnation will be used much more professionally to showcase my creative portfolio, and will cover even more of my art than the previous two.

American Boys: The 4th Generation (2009) — Oct 25, 2016

American Boys: The 4th Generation (2009)


Last week, I exhibited the third generation of characters from the American Boys series; this week, it’s the fourth generation. (See the first generation of American Boys characters for what I mean by ‘generation’.)

  • Manhattan

A lover of glamor. He visits the drugstore almost daily to try out different sorts of make-up, leading to him being labeled as a “girly boy”. He tests out lipsticks on his hands, and then redraws the marks every now and then to make sure he remembers the color. Sometimes he makes his own colored lipbalm by mixing plain colorless balm with food coloring, then keeping it in the fridge for a few hours so it becomes firm but still squelchy.

  • Brooklyn

Manhattan’s brother. A year younger than his older brother, he likes to make lip prints in a special book by applying lipstick and kissing a page. He also has books for eyeshadow and lip liner. He loves to draw using eye pencils, getting his hands very smudged up in the process.

  • Phoenix

A quiet 18-year-old woman who is fascinated by nature. She likes to tug leaves off plants and trees and stick them up on her bedroom wall, and cultivate homegrown herbs from her garden to flavor soups, pizzas and savory bakes. She owns a library of cookbooks which specialize in herbs as an ingredient, and she likes to display bottles of herbs in her bedroom, which she often gets caught for.

  • Los Angeles

An MP3 player collector. His home, or rather ‘museum’, is visited by many, and he collects their old iPods in exchange for new ones, putting up the old on ‘exhibit’. He owns the rare golden iPod, which costs millions of dollars. He sometimes listens to the music on the MP3 players ‘donated’ to him, commenting that it “sounds awesome”.

  • Orlando

A lifeguard at the American Water Amusement Park. He watches over the swimming pools every day, saving people in danger of drowning. He sometimes appears in the news for his heroic deeds. At closing time, he blocks off the flume with barriers, although he says there have been some incidents when people – either accidentally or intentionally – went riding on it outside of opening hours. He often gets annoyed due to finding his ‘highchair’ knocked down to the ground by people who have nothing better to do than tick him off.

  • Abilene

A 2-year-old seriously-ill child. She has a very bad habit of spitting at people who irritate her, and is unable to keep any kind of food down for more than a few minutes, promptly vomiting it back up in front of her parents. She must instead be fed via a tube filled with skimmed milk powder and water blended together. She makes an appearance in a television commercial for the American Society of Sick Children, where her parents speak out about her unusual illness and how they cope with it.

  • Dayton

An American Boy who acts like – and thinks he is – a dog. He is able to speak like a normal person, but he is addicted to food, eating almost anything his owners Indianapolis and Cleveland drop on the floor. He leaves piles of his ‘business’ all over the house, and he frequently belches noisily after downing a bottle of soda. He wears a dog collar secured around his neck embellished with a metal tag engraved with his name, home address and telephone number.

  • Indianapolis

Dayton’s first owner. Worrying greatly about his behavior, she will become disgusted if she sees a pile of ‘business’ made by him on the floor. When cooking or baking, she must keep a close watch for Dayton trying to steal and eat her food. She fears Dayton vanishing or dying in some horrible manner, like getting mowed down by a car.

American Boys: The 3rd Generation (2009) — Oct 16, 2016

American Boys: The 3rd Generation (2009)


Last week, I showed off Nashville and Des Moines, Washington’s helpers on House of America, and the rest of the second generation of characters from the American Boys series. Today, I’m exhibiting the third generation of American Boys characters.

  • Las Vegas

An avid coin collector. He tells people who meet him that he isn’t saving up for the latest ‘craze’ or ‘trends’, but he simply collects coins because of their designs. He sorts his coins into jars by color for easier identification and to keep his vast collection organized. He often ‘raids’ other people’s piggy banks to find much rarer coins, such as the golden coins which are usually minted for very special occasions.

  • Baltimore

Detroit’s sidekick. He wears a ‘tail’ with a shiny pink ball on the tip, which contains psychic powers for hypnotizing people, after which he then attacks or robs them of their possessions, usually via means of his super paint pistol. He also likes to take on a multitude of disguises, like as a popular celebrity when he infiltrates parties or other social events. He has a habit of sucking on the ball of his ‘tail’ when he is bored, and he fears that he will get hypnotized himself if he sucks too hard.

  • Minot

A four-year-old child with a great burden of problems. Cared for by her mother Minneapolis, she has a wide range of disgusting habits, like dribbling, vomiting all over herself and drinking gallons of liquids so that she needs frequent diaper changes. She tends to bite and chew on her fingers, causing many cuts and bleeding.

  • Minneapolis

Minot’s mother. She feels that the duties of caring for her young child is a great stress for her, which often results in her suffering from recurring nightmares of Minot becoming a giant monster made from nauseating substances. She does take some time to feel grateful for life, although she still worries a lot about Minot.

  • Springfield

A cartoon and comic fan. He collects merchandise for his favorite animated TV shows, films and comic books, and he wears a variety of badges and clothing with characters from these franchises. He draws inspiration from all these to create his own series of comics, with his creations being recognized and bought by many across the city. He has shown a deep passion for art since his childhood, and he owns a huge portfolio of all his artwork from then to now.

  • Albany

A very shy and reserved girl. She nearly always keeps her eyes hidden from view by pulling her plaid flat-cap over them, and any attempt to pull it off is met with a prompt shriek of fright from her. She will protest at any exposé of the details of her ‘bad’ life in the media, like on TV or in magazines. She is often seen sitting in a café with her head hanging down in dejection.

  • Tulsa

A man who loves to ride the flume at the leisure center. He names every trick he uses to go riding down the flume, like “spin ’round and jump” and the “backflip”. Sometimes he pours food coloring into water to bemuse and even frighten other swimmers, like at Halloween when he dyes it red to look like blood.

  • Cheyenne

A nine-year-old boy who loves to collect keyrings. He goes on regular visits to the neighborhood mall with his mother Portland, then he runs away to the toy store where he can find the things he wants the most. He calls on the keyring makers at the toy store to cast out different objects in metal and use as a keyring, such as a place name or a favorite cartoon character. His bags and coathooks clang with the metallic jangling of bunches of steel and pewter keyrings he has amassed over time.

  • Portland

Cheyenne’s mother. Her son’s obsession with keyrings has always puzzled her, and she will break out crying if he is gone for too long. Sometimes she has to call on the mall staff to help her find Cheyenne, but he often comes back to her on his own. She believes that red gemstones – or rubies – are infested with blood, so if Cheyenne brings back a keyring encrusted with red gems, she will quickly take it off him.

(Fun fact – I gave Springfield his name after the fictional city of Springfield in the popular animated sitcom TV series The Simpsons, tying in with him being a fan of cartoons and comic books. There are a few real cities named Springfield around the United States, including Springfield, Illinois, which is the one he is named after. This inspired the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening, to christen the eponymous family’s hometown with one of the most common city names in the US.)

Life is a Beach: Chapter 5 — Oct 11, 2016

Life is a Beach: Chapter 5

Reaching the upper perimeter of the beach, the students made a dash for the beach huts, cheering even more as they whipped out their lunch sacks and towels to be used as blankets for sitting down on. Just as Dartmouth reached his own hut, a delirious student flung his door open, slamming Dartmouth straight in the face and causing him to topple down to the sand. “Gargh, why can’t these stupid kids ever do things calmly?” he asked with indignation, sighing and slapping his face with his open palm. Jollimore smiled. “They’re having fun, that’s why they’re excited.” “But I’m not having any fun on this day-trip at all…” moaned Dartmouth, his arms beating the sandy ground beneath. “Well, I am, and so are the students,” giggled Jollimore, which only made Dartmouth give a jaded groan.

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