In the last exhibition, I introduced Washington, Dallas and Chicago, the first three characters I created for American Boys, the Stateside version of Britain Boys from the previous year. Since they appear on this drawing too, and I’ve already given their character descriptions, I won’t go into detail about them again. Chicago is drawn with the outfit my sister Melissa designed for him, as I loved it so much I considered it his ‘canon’ (‘normal’) outfit, and would draw him like this for the duration for the series.

This drawing adds on to the initial American Boys trio, introducing what I called the first ‘generation’ of American Boys characters. I divided each ‘generation’ of characters into ten for easier grouping and identification.

(NOTE: as I already talked about Washington, Dallas and Chicago in the last exhibition, I’ve left out their character bios here.)

  • Atlanta

A 15-year-old girl confined to a wheelchair. She became this way when she was run over by a car when she was 10, which paralyzed her from the waist down and so left her needing a wheelchair. She has frequent uncontrollable tics and ‘accidents’. Her favorite food is fruit candies.

  • Detroit

The villain of the American Boys series. He causes havoc by doing bad deeds like pouring paint into the city’s water supply, stealing food from restaurants or singing very badly at live musical events. He is a huge fan of rock music, and he will blast it out at full volume on his stereo or forcefully twang the metal strings of his electric guitar to annoy and enrage the others.

  • New York

An easily irritable teenage boy. While most of the time he stays calm, any insult made to him will cause him to get into a spinning rage, shouting very noisily and often flinging things about. He has a weakness for chocolate, which worsens his hyperactivity and disorderliness.

  • Memphis

A ball collector and fan. He visits the play area at his neighborhood leisure center every day to go play in the ball pits, and he has an attachment to balls of a certain color, such as red, blue, green or yellow. He likes to juggle.

  • Houston

The mayor of the city. He makes regular speeches in public places on a variety of topics and issues affecting his rightful citizens, such as the quality of education, cleanliness of the streets, and crimes such as the illegal dumping of garbage and vandalism. His long-held dream is for the city to be a safe place for everybody, especially at night.

Nashville and Des Moines, Washington’s assistants on House of America, appear on this drawing, but since they are barely visible, I’ll leave their character bios to the next exhibition, where they’re a lot clearer to see.

(Fun fact – I made Detroit a rock music fan because of the 1976 song ‘Detroit Rock City‘ by KISS, even though the band themselves are from New York. I would also change his design much later on to a more superhero-like appearance, even though he remained the villain.)