Last week, I exhibited the fourth generation of characters from the American Boys series; this week, it’s the fifth generation. (See the first generation of American Boys characters for what I mean by ‘generation’.)

This week’s exhibition also continues with the Indianapolis family from the previous exhibition, showing the second half of the family.

  • Cleveland

Dayton’s second owner and Indianapolis’ husband. While he is not as easily disgusted by Dayton’s ‘business’ as his wife is, he has to clean it up for her as she refuses to do so. He tries to protect their children, Savannah and Fresno, from Dayton trying to bite them, fearing that he may have rabies. Cleveland likes to play Frisbee-throwing with Dayton when the family go for their annual vacation at the beach, then he leaves a burger with fries on the ground for Dayton to lunch on.

  • Savannah

Indianapolis and Cleveland’s first child. Very uncontrollable, she can severely break her stroller by lashing out in it, leading to Indianapolis feeling concerned that she may have autism. She loves to gorge herself on candy, often stealing some from the pantry in secret.

  • Fresno

Indianapolis and Cleveland’s second child. Just like his sister Savannah, he can damage his stroller to disrepair by going wild in it, and he tends to break wind loudly after eating certain kinds of foods, like baked beans. He likes to feed Dayton with tiny morsels of bread from the breadbin and soil his clothes by playing around in the mud. He holds a peculiar obsession with insects, and he keeps a box filled with bugs from the backyard, which he likes to think of as a little ‘zoo for creepy-crawlies’.

  • Brownsville

A 20-year-old who is addicted to eating potato chips. He stores bags of them beneath his bed, and he will usually have one for breakfast every morning. He likes to dip some of his chips into sauces, such as tomato and BBQ, for extra flavor. He won first place in the City of America Potato Chip Flavor Creating Contest for his hot dog flavor, and other people can sometimes be seen eating a packet of some of his chips.

  • Lexington

A theater enthusiast with a very quick temperament. She collects brochures advertising shows which are currently being performed at theaters across the city, and if someone criticizes a show that she likes, she will promptly make her opinion known by shouting noisily at and throttling the offender. She can burst out in anger during a live show, which disturbs the rest of the audience and the actors of the production. Her favorite theater snack is toffee-flavored popcorn, and she will frequently buy a large bag of it.

  • Rockford

An egg painter. He buys Easter egg making kits from his local arts and crafts store and lets his imagination run wild by either coloring in the eggs with zany patterns, or just a plain color. He got into his ‘job’ when he saw a troupe of egg painters at the 2008 American Craft Fair, and he became inspired to follow in their footsteps. He uses his painted eggs to decorate his home, especially the bookshelves in his bedroom.

  • San Francisco

A regular at the American Hill Area play center. He makes his ‘home’ on the third floor of the children’s jungle gym, only coming down if he needs to eat or use the bathroom. He appears to hold some kind of grudge against people in suits, and on some occasions he has beaten up on them, usually by hitting them with their briefcase or choking them with their ties. He also appears to not be much well-off, as he frequently gets caught trying to steal other people’s food.

  • Honolulu

A hula dancer. He lives in a small exotically-designed room above the American Pizza House, and he performs on the stage by the Ice Cream Factory, where he will often get provoked and begin throwing insults – and chairs – around. He sometimes pulls a stunt of attention-seeking by dunking his face into a bowl of pizza sauce or tossing it at the chefs, with embarrassing consequences. He likes to collect seashells off the beach and lay them out around his room so it looks that little bit more ‘tropical’.