Last week, I exhibited the fifth generation of characters from the American Boys series; this week, it’s the sixth generation. (See the first generation of American Boys characters for what I mean by ‘generation’.)

  • Madison

A young woman who suffers from chronic stress. The mother of her child Madisonville, she feels that she never has any free time to herself due to her hectic schedule. She has frequent headaches because of her stress, and sometimes they are so severely splitting that she just wants to lie down and sleep. She is a member of her local leisure center’s Anti-Stress Club, which she often visits to take part in activities such as swimming and working out in the gym while Madisonville plays in the children’s creche.

  • Madisonville

Madison’s young child. She habitually dribbles all over herself, and she has a red question mark-shaped incision on her left thigh, which she made by dragging the sharp point of a bottle opener along the skin. She likes to ‘experiment’ with Madison’s make-up and climb over the stair gates when they are in use. Her favorite food is chocolate and toffee pudding, and she squeals with delight when she finishes her dinner, because she knows her mother is going to give her dessert.

  • Cincinnati

The lead cook at the American Delicacies diner. He makes up new recipes to add the the menu every day, and he then asks the other cooks to prepare an order if someone asks for a certain dish. He gets irritated if somebody sneaks into the kitchen and tampers with the recipes, as it often results in his customers falling ill. When he can’t think up a new concoction of his own creation, he refers to the American Kitchen magazine to use recipes which cooks from other restaurants have invented.

  • Amarillo

A famous singer. He plays gigs at many nightclubs throughout the city, like the Blue Turtle and Four Leafed Clover, and he sometimes embarks on citywide tours. He sometimes gets ganged up on by people who don’t know him, or who think he is an ‘entertainer gone mad’. He has a fan page where people post their photos with him, write comments on him and his music, and read his biography.

  • San Jose

A pizza chef. He always starts off with one of the original ‘House Flour’ pizza dough circles, applying some tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese, and then whichever toppings his customers want, such as pepperoni, mushrooms or olives. Sometimes the pizza house runs special promotions which are only on for one month, so he makes special pizzas with a different sauce as the base, like barbecue or soured cream. He is a big fan of pizzas himself, and he will often sneak himself a slice of one of the freshly-baked pizzas from the oven when the other chefs aren’t looking.

  • Meridian

A woman who regularly visits the American Hill Area. She loves to explore every part of the play area and she buys her own food and drinks from the café, unlike San Francisco who nearly always stays on the third floor and steals from other people. She places spare bills and coins into the moneybox at the entrance, which is shaped like a bright blue jelly baby with a matching-color spade symbol on its belly. She appears in a couple of photos and a newspaper clipping about the American Hill Area pinned to the noticeboard.

  • Raleigh

A young man who wishes to kill himself. He tries covering his head and face with plastic bags and lets criminals stab him with a knife or shoot him, but he seemingly feels no pain at all. He also tries to drown himself in the swimming pool or the ocean, throws himself off buildings and electrocutes himself, whether by sticking his fingers or other objects into plug sockets or strapping himself into an electric chair, but he never succeeds in dying. He is dubbed the ‘second New Orleans’ of the city due to his apparent supernatural abilities and traits.