Last week, I exhibited the sixth generation of characters from the American Boys series; this week, it’s the seventh generation. (See the first generation of American Boys characters for what I mean by ‘generation’.)

  • Kennedy

A City of America Council delegate. He sits beside the mayor Houston at every council meeting, and he specializes in catering to the needs of people with disabilities and the homeless. He provides a pest control service to homes which are prone to invasion by mice, rats, birds and cats. Sometimes he makes speeches on Houston’s behalf, but he will still speak on the same subjects that Houston does.

  • Santa Fe

A gemstone maniac. He makes regular trips to the beach to collect sea glass stones in different colors and shapes, and he picks fake gems off clothes which he finds at thrift stores. He often steals jewelry off other people and displays them in his bedroom, feeling proud. He has a book which contains facts and photos of many types of gemstones and other rocks.

  • Greensboro

A gardener. As a child, he was fascinated by plants, and he would frequently clip the gardening pages from magazines and newspapers to stick into his gardening scrapbook. He grows a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, entering the best of his crop into the annual citywide gardening show – he once won the ultimate prize for a carrot he’d grown because of its bright orange skin and emerald-green top. He has a collection of seeds in his tote bag to carry around with him so he can quickly work on growing new plants.

  • Wilmington

A sauce addict. He keeps a range of sauces in his pantry, eating tomato, barbecue, chili, mustard and mayonnaise with savory food, and strawberry, chocolate, toffee and butterscotch with sweet. He likes to make his own sauces when his parents aren’t looking by blending two or more sauces together in his food processor and tasting the result. He often gets caught when his parents find out about what he’s doing with their sauces.

  • Augusta

A wire sculptor. She loves fairies, and she likes to sprinkle glitter onto her finished masterpieces to give them a ‘magical’ touch. People who buy her crafts often meet up with her and tell her that the sculptures came to life overnight, changing their lives in an amazing way. She owns a lot of fairy-themed jewelry, wearing a different piece every day, such as a brooch or necklace.

  • Oakland

A 13-year-old boy who is very religious. He goes to the same school as his friend San Clemente, and he loves to sing hymns such as “Gather, gather ’round his table” and “Sing hosanna!” He often tells San Clemente to punch or kick someone and he will then sing a hymn, and he cracks religious jokes in Humanities class. He gets new hymns to sing from the Hymns Old & New book at his neighborhood church.

  • San Clemente

Oakland’s friend. He meets up with him every morning at the bus stop on the way to school, and he hurts other students when Oakland tells him to do so to sing a hymn. When he is in the school library, he will pick out one of the Humanities revision books and read through them to find a new hymn or psalm for Oakland to recite, writing them down on notepaper to fold up and store in his pocket for later. He frequently messes around with the school’s PA system, holding regular ‘Hymns of the Day’ throughout the school routine.

  • Charleston

Oakland and San Clemente’s Humanities teacher. Constantly keeping close watch over them, he will perk up if he hears them cracking religious jokes. At church, he becomes angry if they find new hymns in the hymn book and sing them out loud so it disturbs the church-goers and the priest. He frequently reads religious magazines such as the American Messenger.