Last week, I exhibited the seventh generation of characters from the American Boys series; this week, it’s the eighth generation. (See the first generation of American Boys characters for what I mean by ‘generation’.)

  • Pittsburgh

A girl who loves to dress up like a pirate. She often appears at the big ship at the mall with her ‘colleagues’, saying things like “Early in the morning!” and “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!” She likes to loot things off people which they consider ‘precious’, teasingly asking them what they would do without it. She frequently collects chocolate coins and jewelry off the floor, and when she shows it to her friends, she says, “Here’s the treasure, mateys!”

  • Helena

A cook at the American Hill Area’s café. Specializing in fried food, she adds spice to the orders of customers who feel they’re brave enough to “feel the heat”. She is concerned about San Francisco, because he usually does not have any money, leading to him stealing from other people. She uses low-fat sunflower oil for cooking, since she worries about the obesity ‘epidemic’.

  • Salem

A wizard. Living in a black house in the north of the city, he often disguises himself as a normal person to go on his daily errands, like buying drinks to use in his potions without revealing his ‘magic’ to everyone else. He manifests himself regularly in other people’s dreams, usually casting a benevolent spell on them, but sometimes a dark version of himself appears and casts a curse on the dreamer. His imagination is constantly bursting with ideas and recipes for new spells and potions, and as soon as he wakes up in the morning, he works to make those ideas reality.

  • Trenton

A man who loves scaring others. He will first hide somewhere such as behind a tree or in a swimming pool, after which he suddenly leaps out at a ‘victim’, shouting “Surprise, surprise! It’s Trenton!” This often results in the ‘victim’ fainting and having to be carted away to hospital, where they quickly regain consciousness. He likes to jump on unsuspecting shoppers to frisk them out for his favorite food, then dashing off with it and a smattering of satisfaction.

  • El Paso

A man who loves spicy food. He tries out a new kind of spicy delicacy every day at the House of Spice restaurant, drinking so much liquids afterwards that he has to use the bathroom several times. At the Annual Beach Barbecue event, he will often try to sneak in some chili powder to sprinkle onto the meat, but he then gets found out and booted from the barbecue, leading to him dragging himself around the city in rejection and dejection. He likes to crack open bottles of hot pepper sauce while at the grocery store to quickly pour a drizzling of some into his mouth before he gets caught and reported to the police.

  • Albuquerque

A ‘member’ of the ever-growing Mexican Club. Wearing a sombrero decorated with tiny beads, he listens out for the guitar at sunrise, signalling him to rush down to the sitting room to meet his ‘colleagues’. Sometimes he madly plays his maracas and guitar while singing nonsense songs, which can carry on late into the night and disturb people living nearby. He has a tendency to jump on beds when he becomes excited, breaking the wooden support frames and leaving the others unable to sleep because of the loud creaking noises of the cracked wood.

  • Jefferson City

A partly-sighted 25-year-old man. He wears a patch on his left eye, and he has to ask for something if he needs it by pointing at it and grunting. He often crashes into and knocks things over while trying to find his way around, which can get him into deep trouble if it is something particularly valuable or large. He frequently meets up with other people who have disabilities of various kinds at his neighborhood leisure center for a community swim session.

Sadly, this is the last ‘generation’ that I have of the American Boys characters for now, since all the others I drew got lost on a bus in a rucksack I used to always carry around with me. I did not scan them in beforehand as I didn’t have a good working scanner at the time, so where they are now will always be a mystery.

(Also, the Trenton in this drawing should not be confused with the Canadian Boys Trenton. They are both two totally different characters and personalities.)