Halifax: Oh, a phone and a watch, I’m really organised for when I go back to work after the holidays.

Dartmouth: Argh, not overly-thick sweaters AGAIN! Are they trying to kill me with heatstroke?!

Jollimore: (chuckling to himself) I bet Dartmouth will LOVE those new warm sweaters I gave him!

Sambro: (seeing the tag on his new kilt, blushing) Oh, Bracebridge, you really didn’t have to.

Peggy’s Cove: A red beanie? Won’t my roof covering protect me from the wet and cold already?

Lunenburg: (sleeping under the Christmas tree, a present squished under his head)

Mahone Bay: Oh, more fishing rods? So I can catch more fish at the same time, then?

Truro: (opens his gift box to find Yarmouth hiding inside, gasping)

Yarmouth: (jumps out of the box and noisily kisses Truro on the lips)

Pubnico: Ooh, a blanket! Now my rear won’t ache when I sit down on that rock for too long!

Amherst: That’s a strange-looking present… I wonder what it could be? (unties the ribbon off the blanket and gasps)

Springhill: (suddenly sits up and gazes into Amherst’s eyes, sees the mistletoe above and kisses him passionately on the lips)

Joggins: Parrsboro, get off the Christmas tree this instant! And don’t dust it with your backside, either!

Parrsboro: (to Joggins) Naw, who needs a duster when I have my beautiful booty to do the job?

Pugwash: (seeing the empty space below the Christmas tree) Oh dear, is my Christmas over already? I’d better roast the turkey, then…

Westville: Potatoes? Alright! Better get planting! (jumps into a mud puddle outside)

Pictou: Oh, goodness me, that was some delicious eggnog… Oh no, I’ve wet myself!

New Glasgow: (filming the crowds outside) Ooh, look at that, will ya? This’ll definitely be something to have a little lie-in over…

Stellarton: (to Pictou) Oh, Pictou, I know you love your food and all, but I think you’ve gone a little too far this time!

James River: (seeing the tag on one of his presents, surprised) Wait… Does this mean Antigonish is finally agreeing a truce with me?

Antigonish: (raging) Argh, not that time of year again! Do I really have to give the people I hate presents every year for “kindness”?

Arisaig: (agreeing with Antigonish) Too true, uncle Antigonish! Why do we have to give presents to people we hate?

Digby: “The Big Book of World Fish”? But don’t I have a smaller version of this in my pocket?

Guysborough: (sharing a split-screen with Digby) Same here! I have fishing rod after fishing rod! Isn’t one enough?!

Kemptville: Oh? A clock and a calendar? Heh heh, I guess I am a forgetful old man…

Kentville: (to Kemptville) Oh, yes indeed you are, Dad. (smiles)

Wolfville: (picking up an aerosol can, pretending to read the label) “New Glasgow Spray Repellent”? (re-reads the label) Oh no, wait, it’s just a blueberry and cinnamon perfume.

Port Hawkesbury: (to Pictou) You heard your father, Pictou. I think you’ve eaten a little too much for your own good.

Cheticamp: Acadian dance tunes? Ooh, perfect tunes for the Christmas party tonight!

Presqu’ile: (sharing a split-screen with Cheticamp) I’m so agreeing with you on that one, Cheticamp! Let me get my Acadian dance costume on!

Judique: (suddenly breaks wind loudly, blushing to his ‘colleagues’) Sorry. Must’ve eaten lots of sprouts at dinner last night.

Campbell: (sarcastically) Sheesh, thanks for that, Judique. You’ve stunk the apple and cinnamon scent out of the room now.

Lime Hill: (regretfully) I knew I shouldn’t have let him near those sprouts when we cooked the Christmas dinner.