And now for something a little bit different… 😉

In the last exhibition, I introduced The States Show, a spin-off of the American Boys series personifying each of the 50 states of America, just as its parent series personified American cities, towns and villages.

When I first drew these (then-) new characters, I first drew them as colourful jelly babies to help me get a vision of how they would look. (I still use the ‘jelly-babying’ technique sometimes today, as you’ll find out sometime in the future.)

However, jelly babies obviously don’t leave much in the way of facial features and personality, so I needed to make the State Boys more human. Thus, I got onto the rather painstaking task of drawing all 50 (or 51) of them as real people, not mere coloured blobs. (Puerto Rico was drawn a little bit later than the rest of the states, as he would be a new character for the movie All the Magic of Puerto Rico… which I still haven’t explained yet as of writing this post. Also, some states appear more than once because they have an alternative look or outfit.)

Wonder why I said “something a little bit different” at the beginning? This is the first-ever exhibition on my blog comprised completely of digitally-created, rather than traditional pencil-and-paper, art. There will be a lot more exhibitions which only contain digital art in the future, which will help to expand my creative portfolio.

However, jelly babies Save