A short while ago, I reviewed Alphablocks in full after briefly mentioning it in my post on Autistic Pride Day – the adventures of 26 people who personify each letter of the alphabet, living in a magical land which fills up when they hold hands to spell out words. This helps little children everywhere – though particularly in its native England – learn their ABCs, and also the valuable skills of reading, writing and spelling via seeing these colourful characters interact with each other and their world.

Alphablocks Alphabet

As fun as it is to see the letters of the alphabet personified to help kids learn those precious life skills that are so needed in the modern world, I decided the Alphablock characters themselves needed a little more personality and humanity to them. So as I got into Alphablocks, I decided to turn all of them human.

Humanized Cast of Alphablocks

And this was what came out of my efforts to humanize Alphablocks. While designing what they might look like if they were human, I took the colours and clothes they ‘wear’, special traits and their personalities into consideration, then transferred those onto the humanized versions. Some were more straightforward to design than others, who had a more complex look.

The human Alphablocks’ looks are mainly based on their colour(s), with their outfits using the colour(s) of their ‘bodies’ when in their usual block form. For those who have two or more colours, I made their clothes have each one of those colours (as with J and K), or drew them as stripes (as with A, O, T and U).

The human Alphablocks also take some of their characterizations from their personalities or jobs (see my review on Alphablocks for each letter’s character bio), so F wears a spacesuit as she is an astronaut, M wears a chef’s hat and apron since he is a chef (pretty obvious), and X is a superhero and so wears a cape and mask. V is slightly different in his human form than in his block form; in my humanized version of him, he wears a pair of rollerblades to signify his love of going fast, though he still keeps his helmet and overall appearance of a racecar driver. (P and S were probably the most fun to draw, since they have many colours!)

Since drawing this artwork, I’ve not stopped with my humanized versions of the Alphablocks – I draw them for screenshot redraws of the actual Alphablocks show, replacing the block versions with the human versions:

And I’ve even thought up human names for the Alphablock characters:

  • A – Anneeka (originally Annie)
  • B – Beatrice
  • C – Charleen
  • D – Dennis
  • E – Edwin (originally Eddie)
  • F – Fern
  • G – Geraldine
  • H – Harriet (originally Henrietta)
  • I – Iris
  • J – Julieanne
  • K – Kieran (originally Kiaran, with a second “A”)
  • L – Livia
  • M – Marcus
  • N – Nicholas (originally Nathan)
  • O – Oliver (originally Oscar)
  • P – Petunia (originally Patricia)
  • Q – Quinnella
  • R – Ruby
  • S – Serena
  • T – Terence
  • U – Upton (originally Unity)
  • V – Victor
  • W – Walter
  • X – Xander (originally Xavier)
  • Y – Yohann
  • Z – Zachariah

And my sister’s also been getting into the Alphablocks groove:

Humanized Cast of Alphablocks (Melissa’s Version)

Who would’ve thought I’d get this deep into a little kids’ TV show, let alone myself, or my family? 😉