A new year has arrived once again, and with it, another new chapter is waiting to be written out (and illustrated) in my book of life. 2016 has had many ups and quite a few downs – especially in terms of politics and society – but now it’s time to look towards the future with a little more optimism.

I’ve also written up my list of resolutions for the next 12 months ahead – I tried to come up with 17 resolutions to make a ’17 for 2017′ list. Some are related to my art and imagination, while others are a little more personal.

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! To graduate from university with my Masters degree in Digital Media

Bullet; Red To create more new characters

Bullet; Orange To get my business idea started up and on track

Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! To try out more new art styles and materials

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! To get out and about more

Yellow Bullet To see Canada again, preferably in the summertime

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! To read more books

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! To go swimming on a regular basis

Dark green bullet To write more stories

Blue Bullet To keep myself more organized

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! To get my website published

Dark blue bullet To create an artbook of all my creations to be sold

Dot Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! To make tiny keyrings and charms out of Plasticine of my characters to sell

Purple Bullet To concentrate on my own characters more rather than others’

Light Purple Bullet - F2U! To meet up with my sister Melissa more

Dot Bullet (Purple) - F2U! To focus more on the positives rather than the negatives

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! To create more new amazing memories to treasure forever

And of course, I just had to share this drawing again…

Sherry Lai’s Canada – New Year’s Party

A great big Happy New Year from me to everybody who reads and follows my blog. Welcome to 2017 – let’s make it a great one!