During 2009, I concentrated almost exclusively on the American Boys series. It wasn’t always that way, however. Throughout the first few months of that year, I created a few sets of other new characters while the American Boys series was still getting started up. Some of these characters would eventually get series of their own, while others were only one-offs, never to seemingly be seen again.

One such set of side-characters was the Alphabet Gang. Why Alphabet? Aside from the obvious prerequisite of there needing to be 26 characters, each one is also given a name which corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. They live in the fictional country of Letterland (not to be confused with the children’s book series of the same name, which also teaches the alphabet and letter sounds). As their names obviously can’t be guessed from just the drawing alone, I’ve written up this handy list, organized by row.

From left to right:

First row:

  • Annie
  • Ben
  • Cassie
  • Declan
  • Ednita
  • Farnborough
  • Gillingham

Second row:

Third row:

  • Newham
  • Oscar
  • Pontefract
  • Queensborough
  • Ruby
  • Sutton
  • Telford

Fourth row:

  • Uxbridge
  • Veronica
  • Wally
  • Ximena
  • Yeovil
  • Zoe

Nowadays, however, I’m into a slightly different Alphabet Gang – which actually exists!