After a little detour for the past couple of exhibitions, let’s get back on track to American Boys – or rather, its spin-off, The States Show.

Back in the State Boys Jelly Babies exhibition, a mysterious ‘new’ character appeared at the very end. (I put ‘new’ in quotes as it isn’t really new now, being eight years old.) This ‘new’ character, Puerto Rico, would later on himself become the star of a movie, All the Magic of Puerto Rico.

In this (planned) movie, the State Boys discover that a potential 51st state might be joining their 50-strong roster. It is then that Puerto Rico comes to them, like an angel. Thinking that he has some kind of magical prowess, the State Boys dog him at every step (or flap of his wings) of the way, wondering why he’s come to the city of America and why he sees the State Boys as his ‘chosen ones’.

(Spoiler: Puerto Rico declines becoming the 51st state, but he gives a message that he’ll think about it some time in the future.)

Since Utah was my favourite State Boy back in the day, I decided to draw him alongside the star of the show in this promotional movie poster. There are literal stars beside Utah and above Puerto Rico, as well as in the movie logo, but I only drew those in as a way to fill in blank space. Also, four logos on one page seems a bit excessive… (This is partly why I no longer draw logos on my artworks, instead choosing to neatly sign them off with my signature and the date of creation, as is the tradition with artists.)

I also drew other promotional artworks for the movie, but they haven’t been scanned in yet, so they’ll be included in here as a gallery when I do have them scanned in.