Dartmouth and Jollimore were taking a good break from their daily teaching duties out in the staff room, making cups of coffee and tea respectively. They sat down beside each other on the big black sofa at the western end of the room, much to Dartmouth’s chagrin.

Just as he was supping the first sip of his freshly-brewed white latte, a somewhat concerned thought crossed Dartmouth’s ever-paranoid mind. “Jollimore,” he began, “you know those two teachers? The ones who are twin brothers?”

Jollimore lowered his tea mug down from his mouth. “Yeah, what about them?” he asked, gulping his sip of tea down.

“D’you think they might replace us?” Dartmouth set his latte down on the coffee table in front of the sofa, where all genres of magazines and books were kept for leisurely reading.

Jollimore supped up another mouthful of tea, seeming somewhat bemused at Dartmouth’s question. “Really? Nah. We’re younger than them. Businesses – including our school – are always employing younger folks nowadays. They see us as a breath of fresh air.”

“But the twins have more experience as teachers than us. We’re just mere juniors compared to those two. And you know what my students are like with me.” Dartmouth’s eyes narrowed down into suspicious slits, his dark chocolate-brown irises glaring across at Jollimore.

At that moment, Rockingham and Boulderwood entered the staff room, also on their breaks. Dartmouth and Jollimore perked up, turning towards the twin teacher brothers. “Ah, were you just talking about us?” Rockingham enquired.

Jollimore’s eyes widened, placing his cup of tea down on the coffee table alongside Dartmouth’s latte. “Ah, yes, we were, actually,” he replied. “We were wondering if you two were going to replace us in our posts as teachers here.”

Rockingham and Boulderwood’s eyes also widened in near-perfect synchronicity, due to them being twins. “Us? Replace you?” Boulderwood asked back. “What, no! Never! Not as long as you’re teaching at this school would we ever replace you!” Rockingham answered Boulderwood’s question with astonishment.

“We thought you were our replacements,” said Dartmouth. “And that got me worried just for a moment.”

“Nah, Dartmouth. We’re not the only two teachers here at this school, y’know?” Jollimore grinned at Dartmouth. “We have to have a lot of teachers since we have literally thousands of students.”

“Thousands of students who are out to kill me…” Dartmouth rasped under his breath. “But that’s some comfort,” he added aloud.

“So you’re not our replacements, then?” Jollimore asked the teaching twins.

“Far from that!” affirmed Rockingham, smiling broadly.

“We’re just part of your ever-growing teaching community!” proclaimed Boulderwood, also beaming brightly.

“Ah!” Dartmouth and Jollimore both exclaimed with reprieve at the reassuring fact that they wouldn’t be forced out of their teaching jobs anytime soon.


(via Daily Prompt: Replacement)