Just when you thought I’d left them alone… the Months make a surprise comeback!

At the time, I still felt it was an annual commitment to create new versions of the Months every time a new year rolled around. This was obviously drawn at the beginning of 2009, not long after I began on the American Boys series.

While most of the Months stay pretty much the same design-wise – with a few minor amendments, as with April and May’s hair, some of the others have gone through rather… dramatic changes.

August is one prime example – she now looks more like a Pokémon Trainer with the Pokéball-like logo upon her undershirt, her open-out vest jacket, and her cap. (Although as of Pokémon Sun & Moon, Trainers do not have to wear hats/caps all the time, thanks to freer player character customization.)

Another very obvious wardrobe change is November. While in previous incarnations they varied between female and male, this one is female, though still blond as the previous two or so incarnations were. She has red heart and blue spade decorations tied onto the end of her ponytails, a nod to Shugo Chara.

December also has another nod to Shugo Chara on his clothes – having buttons in the shape of the suits and their respective colours, as seen with the Guardian Charas themselves. (You’ll find an explanation on why he has these in the next exhibition.)

Each month’s name is written out in the colour of their birthstone. (Here’s a handy visual chart for if you want to find out which gemstone is associated with which month. Since I was born in February, my birthstone is the amethyst. I guess that’s why purple is my favourite colour…)