“I heard those twins are going to replace us,” an uneasy Dartmouth confided to Jollimore as they exchanged their experiences of that morning’s teaching over lunch.

“Didn’t I tell you before? They’re not,” Jollimore asserted. “They’re just two of the many teachers here at this school, and that includes us.”

Dartmouth rethought his initial suspicion while he imbibed his warm milky coffee with whipped cream. “…Huh. Yes, you’re right, Jollimore. I should stop getting all paranoid about some silly rumour that’s flying around.”

“Might be a bit hard to kick that habit, since you’re always getting targeted by those rowdy students, Dartmouth,” laughed Jollimore.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me of that, Jollimore,” Dartmouth sighed jadedly, and he tepidly gave Jollimore a playful elbowing, who giggled.

(via Daily Prompt: Heard)