Dartmouth met up with Jollimore at the entrance to the school, noticing that he was carrying a huge bouquet of white hibiscus flowers.

“Flowers? Who are you going to give those to – me?” he asked him, looking somewhat bemused by Jollimore’s ‘gift’.

Jollimore laughed. “No, they’re for a project we’re doing in Art and Design today.”

Dartmouth glared after Jollimore as he brushed past him, the hibiscuses buffing softly against his cheek. “What kind of art project is he planning?” he wondered to himself, watching Jollimore push through the door to the school art studio.

Later that afternoon, Dartmouth walked in on Jollimore, who was snipping off the stalk-ends of the hibiscuses with very sharp scissors. He caught sight of a long row of glass vials upon the windowsills filled with rather peculiar-looking liquids in every hue of the spectrum imaginable, from pink to purple. Jollimore carefully inserted one of the hibiscuses with the snipped-off end into the first vial, which held a magenta-pink colouring.


“So… you’re dyeing these flowers?” Dartmouth remarked.

“Yep,” Jollimore replied, nodding. He carefully fingered the hibiscuses’ silky white petals, lifting them up a little to ensure the flow of fresh air.

“And just what kind of project are you creating with those dyed flowers?” Dartmouth interrogated Jollimore.

“Hey, it’s a secret,” grinned Jollimore. “You’re not gonna know ’til I make it.”

“He’s got to be hiding something from me…” thought Dartmouth suspiciously as he left the studio, leaving Jollimore behind to continue dipping more of the flowers in the vials of colourings.

A few days later, Dartmouth returned to the art studio, stumbling upon a gleeful Jollimore spinning about in circles, a ring of fresh rainbow-dyed hibiscuses swinging around his neck.


“Jollimore? What…” Dartmouth began, coming closer to Jollimore and laying a firm hand upon his shoulder.

Jollimore whipped around to see Dartmouth’s serious face. “Oh, hi, Dartmouth!” he greeted him cheerfully, seemingly oblivious to Dartmouth’s expression. He swung his rainbow-hued, natural lei around his neck a few more times. “Don’t you just love the look – and aroma – of this lei? It’s so luxuriously lush and colourful! And the best thing about it? I made it all by myself!”

Dartmouth deeply sniffed one of the dyed hibiscuses, catching a mild fragrance of vanilla and tangerine. “Hmm… Smells pretty good. But you’re not gonna wear it all the time, are ya? Especially not at this time of the year.”

“Oh, I sure will,” Jollimore beamed. “I’m going to wear it every day when the summer semester comes! And when we go on our annual day out to the beach, too!”

“Oh, Jollimore…” Dartmouth sighed with annoyance, finally discovering what Jollimore was ultimately planning to make with that bouquet of lush, white hibiscuses.

(via Daily Prompt: Lush)