In the previous exhibition, I showed off the newest incarnations of the Months for the year 2009, just as they were about to be left behind. Towards the end, I singled December out because of his rather inspired powers of transforming into alternative forms, rather like Shugo Chara (which I was a big fan of back in the day).

On his suit jacket, December has four shaped buttons – a red heart, a blue spade, a green clover/club, and a yellow diamond. When he feels enough courage and presses one of the buttons, he will transform into a superpowered form of himself, his undershirt and the button on his suit jacket changing to the currently-active form, matching the colour of the symbol.

Although each of the forms are not dramatically different and do not have special powers, as with Shugo Chara, a certain active trait of December’s will gain a big boost, allowing him to carry out certain deeds more easily. He can change into another form at any time without having to revert to his ‘normal’ form.

As well as the four main forms, there are also two extra forms which are activated in very special circumstances.


  • Heart (Red) – Attack boost
  • Spade (Blue) – Creativity boost
  • Clover/Club (Green) – Defence boost
  • Diamond (Yellow) – Range attack boost

Special Forms

  • Cross (Purple) – Mind boost
  • Star (Orange) – Flying speed boost

The Cross and Star forms were based on the apparent fifth Guardian Chara in the Shugo Chara series, a witch-like entity named Fana. When Fana fuses with Amu, she becomes Amulet Cross, and can fly on a broomstick like the archetypical witch found in Halloween stories. Of course, there isn’t really a Star Guardian in Shugo Chara, but I always imagined that there was. Fana only appeared in special cards which were released with the anime series, and to date, she has not yet made an appearance in the anime. (As far as I know, the anime has now finished, which means Fana and Amulet Cross likely won’t make their anime debut.)

Card showing Fana and Amulet Cross