When you think of Wales, what comes to your mind? Most people, particularly those in my native England, would probably think of sheep, snow-capped mountains, leeks, and rough cliffs. (Some would probably even think of the famous singer Tom Jones, who is Welsh, and one of his songs to go with it.)

Flag of Wales
Map of Wales

Why am I asking you to think about Wales? Because today is St. David’s Day, the day celebrating the patron saint of Wales. He was born in the southwest of the country into an aristocratic family sometime in the 5th century (462 is commonly believed to be his year of birth). His date of death is often given as being the 1st of March 589, which is why that date every year is St. David’s Day. People wear leeks, dress up as the emblematic Welsh red dragon, and pick yellow daffodils, which are a traditional herald of spring.

St. David
A St. David’s Day parade

Although I didn’t join in with the celebrations the past couple of St. David’s Days in the two years I’ve been running this blog, I decided to do so today with this gallery of some of my Welsh-themed works. It’s not very populated at the moment – which may have been due to the distinct lack of Welsh characters back in my days creating for the Britain Boys series. (Should’ve really been called England Boys when I think about it… with some Scottish Boys thrown in. Which makes it sound like a football show.) I did create a handful of Welsh characters much later though.

They say a picture says a thousand words, so I’ll let this picture do the celebrating for me…