My first creative work of the year 2010 on this blog! πŸ™†πŸ½

Following up from last week’s exhibition, here’s a newer drawing of the first 18 characters from the American Boys series. (I say ‘newer’, even though it’s now seven years old, and it hasn’t been updated since, due to my deep involvement in another series…)

While most of the characters look the same as before, some have had a little bit of a makeover for the new year. Most prominent is Detroit, who previously had only worn a white buttoned shirt and seemingly no pants. This time, however, he’s finally gathered up some decency and decided to wear a superhero costume in shades of gray. (No, that’s not a reference to a certain book which has been turned into two films by far…) Though why he is wearing a superhero costume when he’s the villain is one of those little imaginative quirks I have, which can’t really be explained.


New York’s outfit, which was previously monochrome, has had a bit of color variety added to it. He now wears light blue trousers and a pair of navy-blue shoes with his brick-red shirt. He still remains as testy as ever, though.

Miami, New Orleans and Philadelphia have also had a change of outfits. In Miami and New Orleans’ case, the colors on their outfits have been swapped around – (navy) blue, lime green and sunshine yellow instead of lime green, sunshine yellow and (azure) blue. I chose to darken the blue for their new outfits, since I didn’t think a lighter blue would go well with those shades of green and yellow when the color palette is rearranged.



Philadelphia’s azure-blue outfit comprised of a shirt and pants has now turned into what appears to be a navy-blue jumpsuit with short legs. Her “angel wings” stay the same.

The unusual way in which I drew Seattle, Olympia and Las Vegas was due to the very little white space left as I got towards the end of the sequence. Instead of leaving them out (which would only make this the first 15), I decided to draw them making bendy yoga-like poses. With Olympia, this makes a little bit of sense, since he is a health and sport enthusiast. (His name isn’t Olympia for nothing.) Las Vegas, however, is trying not to let his jar of precious rare coins fall and smash into a thousand pieces, which is why he has himself in a rather awkward position…

For a more visual guide to the changes made, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the 2009 and 2010 versions of the gang:

As before, all the profiles for these characters are located at these posts.