Despite what I said in the last post, I didn’t give up on America completely once I’d moved on to Canada – not quite yet. Since there were a few more months to go until I would officially begin the Canadian Boys series at this point, American Boys still had a little bit of life left in it. I calculated that American Boys would now be in its fifth season by this time, with a new season starting every six months, and so I would have to create more characters for it before another, bigger set of new characters came in.

These new characters would even interact with Vancouver, then newly created for the upcoming Canadian Boys series, in an effort for the American Boys characters to learn more about their great neighbors north of the border. (I even wrote a mock ‘newspaper’ article detailing their encounters, even giving away a little sneak peek of Canadian Boys!)

  • Altoona

A self-absorbed 16-year-old girl. She’s always praising and congratulating herself, nose turned up and eyes closed with pride. She loves looking at herself in mirrors and having conversations with her reflection. She shows off in her walking stature, with others commenting they love the “way she moves”.

  • Fort Collins

A 22-year-old man. Having a twin brother named Greeley, he is slightly aggressive, and he shows this by shouting loudly and clenching his tight fists. He consumes a lot of meat so he can build up his muscles, but he then offsets it by eating heaps of candy. He relieves his anger by thumping pillows.

  • Greeley

Fort Collins’ twin brother. Even more violent than Fort Collins, shouting very noisily and clenching his fists so tightly together that he strains them. He is also more muscular, but like Fort Collins, his diet alternates between meat and candy. He relieves his anger by thumping pillows, just like his brother.

  • Hershey

A chocolate fanatic. He says that ever since he was born, chocolate has been the only thing that’s ever made it to his stomach. He eats chocolate bars, chocolate cake and chocolate cookies, and drinks hot cocoa and chocolate milkshake. He even uses non-edible chocolate things like soap, bubble bath and candles. Due to his undying love of chocolate, he has gained quite a lot of weight. He cares about the quality of his cacao beans.

  • Redmond

A shy and timid businessman. He sports a badge that refers to a certain computing corporation, and he always carries his ‘precious’ suitcase around with him. He is rather reserved in his speech, and he often hides behind other people’s backs, shuddering. He has a habit of laughing nervously and stammering when he gets into a spot of bother. Redmond is thought to be the timid brother of Seattle, which is actually true.

  • Schenectady

A 23-year-old man. He leads his buddies, keeping them entertained when out and about. He frequently suffers from an itchy scalp, which is the reason for him often scratching his head, and regular hair washes. He loves the scent of fresh morning air. He has a brother named Tucson.

  • Tucson

Schenectady’s brother. He feels warm to the touch because of a special flame organ inside his body, providing natural central heating. Just like his brother, his head itches a lot, resulting in frequent head-scratching and hair-washing. He eats a lot of spicy food to fuel the fire in his stomach.

(In case you’re wondering what the computing company is, it’s Microsoft – the city of Redmond, Washington is its home. As it is for Nintendo of America! And Hershey is named for the eponymous chocolate factory in the Pennsylvania town of the same name, often called “Chocolatetown USA”, which is why he is a huge chocoholic. 😉)