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Bank Holiday in Margate — Aug 30, 2017

Bank Holiday in Margate


It’s very rare that we get a rain-free Bank Holiday in England, but this year’s late-summer Bank Holiday fortunately bucked the infamous trend with hot sun and relatively warm temperatures. Perfect for one last getaway to the beach before the cooler autumn weather set in. 😎☀🍁🍂

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Lorrell, Fireague and Tideal (2013) — Aug 27, 2017

Lorrell, Fireague and Tideal (2013)


In what feels like a lifetime in blogging time (but only one or two years in real time), I first introduced The Adventure People, my answer to Pokémon. While most of the mystical creatures are dramatically different in designs, personalities and mythologies, the underlying concept and formula remains essentially the same – hunting, catching and raising elemental monsters for use in battle and as pets or personal help.

Just like Pokémon, which is currently on the Sun & Moon series, The Adventure People also has its own named series, which are usually named after gemstones. The characters above, Lorrell, Fireague and Tideal, were created as the ‘starters’ for the Amethyst & Garnet incarnation of the series.

(In the world of Pokémon, starters are the first Pokémon the player can choose from when they start their adventure, and they have traditionally followed the Grass-Fire-Water elemental cycle. The current set of starters – as of Sun & Moon and their sequels, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – are Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.)


Lorrell, Fireague & Tideal

As with Pokémon, these starters follow the elemental circle of Grass-Fire-Water; one being weak to the next, and strong to the previous one.

  • Lorrell

A Grass type (at debut, was recently reclassified to a Grass/Fairy type). It wears a laurel of herb leaves around its neck, which give off a pleasantly soothing aroma that can calm even the most distraught fighters. It regularly crafts a new laurel out of any herbs that it finds, including those found and cooked with in the kitchen. It evolves into Gralice (Grass) at level 16, then into Herbivine (Grass/Dark) at level 36.

  • Fireague

A Fire type. Its most prominent feature is the ruff of hair jutting out from the back of its neck, which somewhat resembles a bursting, blazing flame. Its flaming hair isn’t just a pretty sight, however – it’s also the source of its burning passion to fight, and radiates the heat from its internal fire, whose temperature it can turn up or down at its will for intimidation or safety. It evolves into Emburr (Fire/Dark) at level 17, then into Ignicia (Fire/Dark) at level 35.

  • Tideal

A Water type. It has a ‘tail’ extending all the way up to its head, which looks like a cresting wave about to hit the shore. For this reason, it’s a natural-born surfer, and it can even walk – or run – upon a wave from formation to the beach. As long as it’s around, no tsunamis or otherwise dangerous waves will form, so it’s a popular companion for lifeguards, the coastguard, or concerned vacationers. It evolves into Surfrill (Water/Fairy) at level 16, then into Tsunamight (Water/Fighting) at level 35.

Since drawing these three, The Adventure People has transformed once again into Kunzite & Tanzanite, its newest series as of 2017. As with any new series, this one introduces a brand-new set of starters, while of course still following the classic Grass-Fire-Water elemental cycle. But those are for another exhibition… 😉



Trip to Germany — Aug 23, 2017

Trip to Germany


Life can throw many surprises at you. That often-used saying rang true for me when I received an offer out of the blue to travel to Germany this summer, with all expenses paid for by Anna, a friend of my family’s. While I was initially apprehensive about travelling to a country I’d never set foot in before, I remembered that I’d previously never been to Canada yet got to see it, and I also decided that my horizons needed a bit more broadening. So I wanted to tag along and in the process add another new country to my list of travel destinations.

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Pictou Doing What He Does Best (2013) — Aug 13, 2017

Pictou Doing What He Does Best (2013)


Last week, I introduced you to the Denoon family, from the Canadian Boys series. Composed of son Pictou, mother Port Hawkesbury and father Stellarton, this family is not like others – they have each experienced their own struggles, while also looking towards a bright future together.

This is especially true of Pictou, the Denoons’ 13-year-old son. He was born by breech with a bladder condition, the cause of much embarrassment and haranguing throughout his young life, which still continues to the present day. Despite this, he has managed to find a reason to be alive and optimistic – and that is taking up cooking.

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New Characters: Jacksons Point and Georgina — Aug 12, 2017

New Characters: Jacksons Point and Georgina

Jacksons Point Franklin & Georgina Mossington-Parker
Jacksons Point Franklin
  • Jacksons Point

Jacksons Point is a 23-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark hazel eyes. His outfit is chocolate brown, and he wears a pair of cinnamon-brown laced boots. He has a younger sister named Georgina.

Jacksons Point works as an artist specializing in illustration, and he uses a combination of black graphic pens and markers in a rainbow of colours to create vivid artworks which could almost come true to life. He is usually seen carrying his trusty marker-paper sketchbook together with a case filled with his graphic pen and marker collection. Whenever he feels a surge of creative juices, he will get down and drawing straight away on the spot.

Georgina Mossington-Parker
Georgina Mossington-Parker
  • Georgina

Georgina is a young woman of 20 years old and of White English Canadian heritage. She has dark blonde hair and light hazel eyes. Her older brother is Jacksons Point.

In contrast to her brother’s vivid and striking marker illustrations, Georgina takes a softer approach to making her art, using watercolour paints and ink for a relaxing sensation. She is usually seen carrying her watercolour-paper sketchbook, along with paintbrushes of various sizes and a watercolour paint palette, and she will usually start painting on impulse whenever she is outdoors.



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