Jacksons Point Franklin & Georgina Mossington-Parker
Jacksons Point Franklin
  • Jacksons Point

Jacksons Point is a 23-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark hazel eyes. His outfit is chocolate brown, and he wears a pair of cinnamon-brown laced boots. He has a younger sister named Georgina.

Jacksons Point works as an artist specializing in illustration, and he uses a combination of black graphic pens and markers in a rainbow of colours to create vivid artworks which could almost come true to life. He is usually seen carrying his trusty marker-paper sketchbook together with a case filled with his graphic pen and marker collection. Whenever he feels a surge of creative juices, he will get down and drawing straight away on the spot.

Georgina Mossington-Parker
Georgina Mossington-Parker
  • Georgina

Georgina is a young woman of 20 years old and of White English Canadian heritage. She has dark blonde hair and light hazel eyes. Her older brother is Jacksons Point.

In contrast to her brother’s vivid and striking marker illustrations, Georgina takes a softer approach to making her art, using watercolour paints and ink for a relaxing sensation. She is usually seen carrying her watercolour-paper sketchbook, along with paintbrushes of various sizes and a watercolour paint palette, and she will usually start painting on impulse whenever she is outdoors.