The Adventures of Glasgow Boy & Edinburgh Girl – A Growing Pain

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A few months into the Edinburgh & Glasgow series, I had a sudden idea to create a duo of Scottish superheroes. While it wouldn’t technically be a spin-off, it seemed like a great back-up to offset the biting satire of E&G and just spend some time having some good old Saturday-morning cartoon fun.

Glasgow Boy and Edinburgh Girl flew in. In their ‘normal’ forms, I based their appearances and some of their personalities on an article and image in The List magazine, detailing some stereotypes popularly believed about Glaswegians and Edinburghers (I’m still not sure what people from Edinburgh are actually called).

In the article, Glaswegians are stereotyped as the Type 1 hipster – American Apparel-wearing sushi eaters who blog, DJ, work in graphic design and smoke many cigarettes outside on cold Scottish nights. Edinburghers, on the other hand, are the Type 2 hipster – knitters who frequent their local stitch-‘n’-b*tch, drink health-nut beverages like green matcha tea and coconut water, and have Joni Mitchell songs 24/7 on their iPod.

That pretty much explains who Glasgow (last name Rowallan) and Edinburgh (last name Saunders) are in their ‘everyday’ forms.



However, when trouble strikes, after chanting a special song and drinking Irn Bru (for Glasgow) or coconut water (for Edinburgh), they transform into their superpowered forms: Glasgow Boy and Edinburgh Girl!

In his superhero form, Glasgow uses more offensive power, his attacks being based around steel and electricity (much like Pokémon). Edinburgh, by contrast, is more defensive in her tactics, using fire and psychic powers – she can start a blazing inferno simply with her intensive concentration. Being an avid knitter when in her ‘normal’ form, she can set needles alight, causing burning stabbing pains in her enemies. (Not a euphemism for an acidic stomach.)

In the Scottish superhero duo’s first outing, the evil Professor Angus MacCroran – of course I had to go with a really ‘Scottish’ name – plans to grow Scotland to super-continent size for it to take over the world. While in real life this would take millions or even billions of years, he is set to speed the process up drastically with his super-sizing gun (which can also super-shrink things and people). Luckily, Glasgow Boy and Edinburgh Girl find out about his plan just in time… but first, they have to defeat Professor MacCroran’s protective army of robots, and his minions Aberdeen Angry and Dundee the Dunce.

Cast of The Adventures of Glasgow Boy & Edinburgh Girl

I had planned for Glasgow Boy & Edinburgh Girl to be a full-on series like Edinburgh & Glasgow and had drawn up a cover for the second issue, but the latter’s magazine series coming to an abrupt end, as well as me moving back on to concentrating on Canadian Boys, led to it advancing no further than the first issue. In true Danger November style, I also had an origin story planned for Glasgow Boy and Edinburgh Girl, though that too was abandoned. The cover page can be seen below.

A Short Leaflet On Glasgow Boy & Edinburgh Girl – Front Cover