Rain. Everybody hates it. Except gardeners, farmers, people who live in unrelentingly hot countries, and people who love dancing in the rain and jumping in puddles. But without rain, the Earth would be a barren, torrid land of hard, baked mud – not to mention people would quickly become bored of it was sunny all the time.

Art always seems to evoke more emotions if it’s set in rainy rather than sunny weather; there’s something about grey and black cloudy skies that seem to resonate gloom and doom in people’s minds.

I was half-intending that with this drawing I quickly drew up in one afternoon. Vancouver of Canadian Boys is in the starring role as the man (or rather teenage boy) with the umbrella, shielding himself from the pouring rain while sadly gazing into his reflection in a puddle below.

While I partly wanted to draw something rainy in contrast to most of my sun-kissed art (and I love drawing umbrellas), I also wanted to make a joke on how Vancouver is popularly believed to be the rainiest city in Canada, not too unlike Seattle south of the border. This is something I first played on way back in 2010, with the short skit Seattle vs. Vancouver. Drawing Vancouver’s reflection in the puddle was also a fun little artistic challenge, and it adds a small sprinkling of realism to an otherwise cutesy cartoonish sketch.


Vancouver isn’t alone all cold and wet for long, though. About a week later, I followed up by giving the drawing a more positive vibe by making his girlfriend, Victoria, join in carrying her own umbrella and giving her boyfriend some much-needed warmth.

Vancouver Burnaby & Victoria Johnson

I even created a short comic page giving a bit of a story connecting the two drawings, inspired by a Project Canada comic I had seen some time before online, starring Manitoba and British Columbia:

Vancouver Burnaby & Victoria Johnson