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Merry Blogmas 2017! — Dec 25, 2017

Merry Blogmas 2017!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 2017!




Project Canada: The Big Three Cities Doodle (2017) — Dec 24, 2017

Project Canada: The Big Three Cities Doodle (2017)

While I don’t usually show off quick doodles as they’re usually only for practice, I felt I had to show this one as I seem pretty proud of it.

If you’ve been following my blog over the past couple of years, you will find that I often talk about Project Canada, the reboot of the IAmMatthewian Project. As well as personifying the Canadian provinces and territories, they also have their own personifications of some of the cities (just as with Canadian Boys).

While there have been versions created for the old IAmMatthewian Project, the Project Canada reboot redesigns them quite dramatically, giving them new fashions and personalities. Some remain the same, but most have been changed.

Lucas Wilson, Etienne Maisonneuve & Vernon Mann

I started out by doodling the big three cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver (seen above). I had been wanting to draw them for some time in their current incarnations, but only got around to drawing them now.

Because I’ve seen them in so many outfits, I based their outfits in this doodle on the flags of their cities. This isn’t a new idea, since I’ve done it many times before, but it makes them more recognizable – at least to Canadian eyes.




(Fun fact: Montreal changed its flag in September 2017 by adding a symbol of the White Pine, the ‘tree of peace’, to the centre of the cross. The White Pine represents the Indigenous population.)

As with all the other characters in Project Canada, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have ‘real’ names:

  • Toronto – Lucas Wilson
  • Montreal – Etienne Maisonneuve
  • Vancouver – Vernon Mann

These characters were obviously not created by me (I already have my own versions), but were each created by these people on Tumblr:

Vancouver and Victoria’s Christmas Date: Chapter 2 — Dec 21, 2017

Vancouver and Victoria’s Christmas Date: Chapter 2

Vancouver and Victoria ambled hand-in-hand down the iced streets of suburbia, the fresh snow softly and pleasantly crunching under the ridges of their hard soles. The frigid air steamed their every breath into diamond dust-like vapours. Tiny snowflakes settled upon their shoulders, melting almost instantaneously with their accumulated inner body heat.

Reaching the junction with the main street, which was heavier with Christmas Eve traffic on their way downtown, the teenaged couple made shelter at a nearby bus stop. They tightly hugged each other, and Vancouver tucked his head into Victoria’s wrapped arms to protect it from the cold. Some stray snowflakes gusted inside the shelter and onto Vancouver’s hair just beside the parting.

“Oh look Van, you’ve just washed your hair and already you’ve got dandruff,” said Victoria, tapping at his crest.

“I do? Nah, it’s snowflakes,” chuckled Vancouver, and he lightly scratched at his scalp to brush the snowflakes off.

Victoria giggled. “Oh Vancouver.”

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Canadian Boys: Double the Fun on Ice (2017) — Dec 18, 2017

Canadian Boys: Double the Fun on Ice (2017)

While it may not technically be winter yet, with the biting cold and even a good sprinkling of snow and ice, it may as well be. Christmas is also on the horizon, making for a good excuse to bring out the metallic markers and glitter pens and decorate everything with little silver snowflakes.

Canadian Boys: Fun on the Ice

After drawing this year’s Bonfire Night bonanza, I became more confident in colouring in an entire page of paper and having a crowd of characters in one small space. Inspired by a few times I went ice-skating in the past, and wanting to channel the famously freezing spirit of the Canadian winter in particular, I imagined a scene where some of the characters from Canadian Boys met to go skating on a frozen-over lake.

The characters used are mostly the same as from the Bonfire Night drawing, with the addition of Charlottetown (in light purple to the far right) and some unnamed crowd members in the far background. While most of the skaters are pretty competent in their skill and elegance – even tiny Pictou (in olive green) – one seems to be tripping up, but still appears to enjoy being clumsy, and his girlfriend even agrees.

A few colours from the Bonfire Night artwork were re-used for this one, with dull light blues and dark holly greens evoking an evergreen forest under a wintry sky, as well as a Christmas tree – one stands just beside the rink with baubles of many colours. I added a snowy touch with a silver glitter pen to create snowflakes blowing in the frosty air. To give the impression of snow settled on the ground, I added dashes of white – actually a very pale shade of grey, since white doesn’t show up on top of white – mixed in with the green of the grass.

Truro Deuville & Yarmouth Clements

Keeping with the ice skating theme, it’s been quite a while since I last met up with Nova Scotia, due to having moved on somewhat to British Columbia during that time. But I was suddenly inspired to draw young lovebirds Truro and Yarmouth skating hand-in-hand, although this was drawn before the picture above. While their love for each other is not immediately obvious, it can be inferred from them holding hands, and Yarmouth’s slight gaze towards Truro.

Truro and Yarmouth’s winter outfits are almost identical to their usual garb (like Vancouver‘s), though with added scarves and gloves, and their jackets zipped up. Truro keeps his shorts-over-trousers, but Yarmouth’s shorts grow to trouser length so his legs are not bared against the frigid air.

To make it simpler, I added slashes of pale blue onto the ‘floor’ to look a little like ice. This keeps the focus on Truro and Yarmouth, helping them to stand out with their bright, un-wintry colours. Because who says winter has to be drab and grey?

Another Double IAMP/PC Christmas Helping! (2017) — Dec 11, 2017

Another Double IAMP/PC Christmas Helping! (2017)

Having served up a double Christmas helping of Project Canada a couple of Christmases ago, it’s time for another one – just in time for the festive season!

Sherry Lai’s Canada – The Santa Hat Get-Together

First up is the obligatory Santa hat gathering, but with a little twist. Instead of the traditional red or green (as per vintage festive Coca-Cola adverts), all the provinces and territories’ hats are in a different colour, which corresponds somewhat with the colour of their outfits. Some of their outfits have been slightly modified to fit the wild wintry weather better, like adding boots and undershirts.

Matthew Williams & His Provinces & Territories

The second details a traditional family Christmas gathering – in front of the TV. In a somewhat occasional appearance in these kinds of drawings, Canada stands back in the corner with Labrador – who for some reason is separated from Newfoundland – as his kids gather around the set to watch a festive movie. Since the TV has its back to the viewer, it’s left to their imagination as to which movie they’re watching. For a Canadian Christmas, possibly One Magic Christmas – which was filmed around Ontario, or the myriad festive films which the Hallmark Channel churns out every year, which are mostly filmed in various locations around Canada, despite usually trying to put on an American facade?

This also marks the second time that a room in Canada’s house has appeared in a drawing, the first time being in the New Year’s Eve party from 2015:

Sherry Lai’s Canada – New Year’s Party
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