Having served up a double Christmas helping of Project Canada a couple of Christmases ago, it’s time for another one – just in time for the festive season!

Sherry Lai’s Canada – The Santa Hat Get-Together

First up is the obligatory Santa hat gathering, but with a little twist. Instead of the traditional red or green (as per vintage festive Coca-Cola adverts), all the provinces and territories’ hats are in a different colour, which corresponds somewhat with the colour of their outfits. Some of their outfits have been slightly modified to fit the wild wintry weather better, like adding boots and undershirts.

Matthew Williams & His Provinces & Territories

The second details a traditional family Christmas gathering – in front of the TV. In a somewhat occasional appearance in these kinds of drawings, Canada stands back in the corner with Labrador – who for some reason is separated from Newfoundland – as his kids gather around the set to watch a festive movie. Since the TV has its back to the viewer, it’s left to their imagination as to which movie they’re watching. For a Canadian Christmas, possibly One Magic Christmas – which was filmed around Ontario, or the myriad festive films which the Hallmark Channel churns out every year, which are mostly filmed in various locations around Canada, despite usually trying to put on an American facade?

This also marks the second time that a room in Canada’s house has appeared in a drawing, the first time being in the New Year’s Eve party from 2015:

Sherry Lai’s Canada – New Year’s Party